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  • Yes, I can do 7:15 CST. I'll be online then. I'll get your Mew ready for you! It's awesome that you're taking a martial art. I took kung fu a few years ago and really liked it, but I had to move and I can't find an instructor where I am now :(
    Hey BladeForge! Sorry I didn't get your message until now! I too was busy. Unfortunately, I work from 8-5 Monday-Friday, so I wouldn't have been free then anyway. I usually get home and am available around 6PM CST on weekdays, including tomorrow. I will be out of town this weekend, but I might be back on Sunday night. Does tomorrow around 6 or 7 PM CST (7-8 PM EST) work for you?
    I used to be able to clone in Gen V, but I don't know how in Gen VI. It's okay though; I have a whole box of Eppie's Mews on Pokebank that I cloned before the Gen V Wifi shutoff for instances just like this. I'm available Tuesday-Saturday after 6pm CST (GMT-6), pretty much all day Sunday, and not at all on Monday. I'm free this weekend and all next week, but I'll be out of town next weekend. Then after that, my schedule is back to normal. Are any of those times good for you? What time zone are you in?
    The only Faraway Island Mew I have is shiny, and it's known as Eppie's Mew because the OT's name is Eppie and it's a legitimate shiny Mew and not hacked. It's the most common shiny Mew and is well-known clone.
    Hey BladeForge! Sorry, I don't really check my trade shop anymore. It was very active for about a year until I got really busy with work and volunteering and I couldn't keep up with it anymore. PMing or VMing me is the best way to contact me now, as I don't check Serebii as often as I used to. Which Mew, exactly, are you interested in?
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