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Dec 8, 2014
Sep 24, 2010
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Dec 8, 2014
    1. TheEliteEmpoleon
      You're welcome!
    2. TheEliteEmpoleon
      Does anyone else think that it was a clever idea to use the accented e for Flabebe's name (typing on an iPad so I can't use the actual letter)? After all, vowels with accents are very common in French and Spanish.
      Actually you can. Just hold your finger on the "e" and a bunch of choices should come up for accents over it. (I post on my iPad all the time.)

    3. Skiyomi
      That's very odd. Like I said in my PM to you (which, for reference in case you're still getting a delay, I sent about 20 minutes ago), If this is a problem with your inbox you should have this checked out.
    4. Skiyomi
      It's alright. It'd just be a good idea to check your PMs in the future before assuming your posts are just disappearing. Warning/Infraction notifications are sent that way and staff members will often delete rule-breaking posts.
    5. Psychic
      Hey there, just so you know I merged your thread with the Fic Ideas Thread where it belongs. Please be sure to read the Authors' Cafe Rules in the future.
    6. Skiyomi
      Please read your PMs. Your posts kept getting deleted yesterday because they broke the rules and I notified you about it via the PM warning system. I won't delete this latest one again because someone posted after you and it would wreck the order of the game if I did, but your post is breaking the rules of this game and you could be infracted for reposting it. When a staff member deletes your posts, it's for a reason and you shouldn't repost them.
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    Emerald: ;257;;342;;171;;357;;269;;324;
    Pearl: ;389;;467;;426;;466;;093;;308;
    White: :503:;389;;057;:526:;365;:521:(F)
    White 2: :500:;448;:521:(F);254;;087;:523:
    Platinum Nuzlocke (still playing): ;395;;315;;397;;471;;176;;419;
    Y Monotype Run (planned team): Delphox, Charizard, Blaziken, Talonflame, Pyroar and Houndoom (couldn't fit on the pictures because I had too many characters).