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Blasting Toise
Last Activity:
Jun 13, 2019
Jun 17, 2013
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Blasting Toise

Well-Known Member, Male, from Finland

Blasting Toise was last seen:
Jun 13, 2019
    1. Mikazuki Marazhu
      Mikazuki Marazhu
      Add me for Harry Hoopa
    2. Alatar VGC
      Alatar VGC
      Congrats on Totodile!!!! Sweet shiny xD
    3. *Murkrow
      Hello there. Would you be up for another round of legendary trading sometime? I'm OR on Friday and would like to get the Shiny Charm as quick as I can. :)
    4. lokistarwind
    5. lokistarwind
      Send me a vm when you are able to trade
    6. *Murkrow
      Would you like Politoad to learn Hyper Voice?
    7. *Murkrow
      FFS. I'm going to go reset the router. Laptop is still connected, but getting an error message with the 3DS. Ber back in five. Sorry.
    8. *Murkrow
      Hello! Saw you mention that you've go three of the Regi's for trade; they still available? I'd be interested in doing a a trade-trade back for 'dex purposes if they are. :)
    9. Prakhar
      Thank you!

      In Game Name- Prakhar
      FC 4098-4557-7957

      Oh and we will have time differences (i live in INdia here it is GMT +5:30)
      But i can manage time
    10. bbseno
      interested in your shiny gogoat
      i can offer shiny dragonite, alomomola, floette, kyurem
    11. seelking
      Thank you! Much appreciated!! :) Couldn't send you PM as you had hit your limit, but thanks again :)
    12. Pokeman Man
      Pokeman Man
      your inbox is full it seems, so anyways, i'm available right now if you are
    13. LopunnyBunny
      Hey, you might want to clean out your PM messages. It says you're at your max quota. Anyways, I tried to PM you to let you that I'll do the Keldeo for the five I requested. They don't have to have egg moves or the right nature. I'd just like them to be female. PM me whenever you're available to trade.
    14. Earendil
      All right. Thanks for getting back to me on this.
    15. Earendil
      Hi, would you be interested in a full set of the shiny GAMESTP dogs (from 2011) in exchange for your three Sinnoh legendaries?
    16. freyaaaa
      should be okay, sorry it's been so hectic here, too much work! I'm not really online anymore :(
    17. Halfwaynoob
      Hello I saw your post on the Shiny Trade forum for Gen 4 about a shiny cubone.I would like to know the nature and if it is hacked or not.also the OT name.

      Thank you
    18. QuoteMissy
      I believe you are looking for the Hack-Check Thread
      but yes Numel cannot be found at Seafoam Island unless it was an egg that hatched there.
    19. mjunior3
      Hi there. I saw your post in the "Items and Pokerus" thread, and I can help you get stones AND Lucky Eggs. Just let me know what/how many you need, and I'll let you know if I have them on hand. If not, I'll look for you, as well.

      I am interested in what Shinys you have...can you name a few?
    20. mogan3
      Maybe I can also what was ourdeal then
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