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    What are your hot takes on the anime?

    Your post is all really well said, but this part especially. XY was a series that wanted WAY too much to have its cake and eat it too. Ash's loss to Alain is something I can respect in theory. It's not like no seeds were ever planted to set up the "moral victory" for Ash, as people have...
  2. Blastmaster

    What are your hot takes on the anime?

    I mean, honestly... I think Paul is the closest we've ever gotten to a character like that. A big focus of Paul is how he actually calls out Ash's overuse of the "power of friendship" cliche, and even forces it to just... not work most of the time. He recklessly tries to win bad matchups and...
  3. Blastmaster

    What are some unpopular thoughts on the Rivals?

    I feel like I only like Sawyer less as time goes on. He's a concept that sounds unique on paper but in practice, it shows how hard it is to make an underdog rival interesting when they're not just comic relief. I guess it's like, do I root for Ash, even though he always wins? Or do I root for...
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    What are some unpopular thoughts on the female protagonists?

    It's also not all that fair to call Dawn a rookie when it had been like 70-something episodes by that point. Sure, that's still a lot less than May, but neither girl was "new" to Contests by that point. Plus yeah, Sinnoh Contests generally came across as a LOT tougher than AG ones. Plus, a...
  5. Blastmaster

    Best Villainous Team

    I'd still say Team Flare had the best villain arc, but honestly Team Flare itself has very little to do with it. I still couldn't tell you more than two of the scientists' names (lol) and I definitely couldn't tell you any of their personality traits. The most interesting team would be...
  6. Blastmaster

    Does any one feel like Pokemon is regressing as a series?

    I mean, I'd probably be a lot easier on the modern series if they were actually proper reboots, but they're not. If they were, it'd make the constant retools both easier and way, way more excusable. Thing is, for as many problems as the classic formula(s) might've had, they made the anime what...
  7. Blastmaster

    Unpopular opinions on the male protagonists?

    DP was unironically Brock's best series. He joined and did well in multiple competitions, had good focus episodes (both serious and non-serious), and was just as important for the villain arc as Ash and Dawn. Not to mention catching by far his best Pokemon (Croagunk) and his second best Pokemon...
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    Is there a difference in quality for you between Kanto+Orange Islands and Jotho?

    Yeah, the creepy underage jokes in Kanto have aged horribly. I remember there were at least two instances of grown men hitting on Misty, too. But even outside of that, I think Kanto just has this excess of nastiness and always punches down on Ash for thinking anything is unfair. Like Blaine has...
  9. Blastmaster

    Is there a difference in quality for you between Kanto+Orange Islands and Jotho?

    I do think Kanto has a lot of things that the anime never quite replicated, but if I'm being honest, half of those were things I'm glad were changed. I think Kanto really skids the line between hilarious and inventive and obnoxious as hell. It's the reason I actually feel like Orange Islands...
  10. Blastmaster

    Rank the Pokemon Leagues

    Sinnoh > Alola > Johto > Hoenn = Kalos > Unova > Indigo Sinnoh was the most consistently good and still has my favorite battle/episode in the anime by far. Basically every other battle ranged from good (Nando, Barry/Paul) to great (Conway). And as much as I get the hate for Tobias, I can't help...
  11. Blastmaster

    What are your taboo opinions about the anime?

    I can't see XY Ash as any less of an "overhaul" of his character as BW/SM/JN. Nothing about BW or OS-DP suggested he was ready to be the leader or a straight-up idol figure. Or even that it was something that ever should happen to him. Should the characters respect him? Yes. Emulate his...
  12. Blastmaster

    Rank Ash's rivals in terms of skills

    Alain wasn't entirely brute force tbf, his Thunder Wave + Guillotine combination with Bisharp was pretty clever and he seemed to have a reasonable grasp on how to use Sand Stream before it got put out. I'd probably put him about on par with Gary in skill. Conway and Sawyer are about equal in my...
  13. Blastmaster

    Diamond and Pearl Filler List?

    I think my personal favorite DP filler is A Maze-ing Race, I really like how character-driven the comedy is in that one and the maze plot sets up a lot of interactions you don't see too much otherwise. Malice in Wonderland and the evil Togepi episode are also pretty popular for similar reasons...
  14. Blastmaster

    Which companion did you feel like the writers didn’t have a clear plan for?

    Yeah I think they knew what they wanted to do with May, she's just a product of how the anime was written at the time. Her Contests were written with the same cliches as most of Ash's battles. It wasn't until DP that they really started tackling the whole plot armor issue. As much as Serena...
  15. Blastmaster

    What reason do you think Serena didn’t appear in SM?

    Plot twist: Serena returns but literally spends the entire episode with Chloe and never actually sees Ash once.