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  • IIRC I have Cacturne, but I don't remember the other two. One of my friends has a Sandile though, I can give you his FC.

    Your sig made me think about a few random matchups that would be awesome to see between Ash's friends!

    For example:

    1. Iris vs. Tracy:
    - Axew vs. Marill
    - Emolga vs. Venonat
    - Excadrill vs. Scyther

    2. Brock vs. Cilan/Iris:
    - Marshtomp vs. Pansage
    - Sudowoodo vs. Stunfisk
    - Steelix vs. Crustle
    - Crobat vs. Emolga
    - Croagunk vs. Excadrill
    - Geodude vs. Axew

    3. May vs. Brock:
    - Blaziken vs. Ludicolo
    - Venusaur vs. Croagunk
    - Munchlax vs. Geodude
    - Glaceon vs. Crobat
    - Wartortle vs. Steelix
    - Beautifly vs. Sudowoodo

    4. May vs. Misty:
    - Skitty vs. Staryu
    - Wartortle vs. Politoed
    - Glaceon vs. Corsola
    - Beautifly vs. Gyarados
    - Venusaur vs. Starmie
    - Munchlax vs. Psyduck

    5. Cilan/Iris vs. Dawn:
    - Pansage vs. Quilava
    - Stunfisk vs. Buneary
    - Crustle vs. Mamoswine
    - Axew vs. Pachirisu
    - Emolga vs. Togekiss
    - Excadrill vs. Piplup

    So, this was totally random, doesn't fit in any thread, but was fun to do. I'd actually pay money to see these matches. Brock taking on a tagteam of Iris and Cilan would be epic. And I want to see what Tracy can do after all these years :p
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