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  • My first shiny ever was a random floatzel in Diamond, post-game. I was hunting shuckle on route 224. And a pale, sparkly floatzel popped out. There was much "...WTF?" that night. First ever deliberate hunt was at Solaceon Ruins in Platinum.
    I've never found a shiny in any game before Gen IV (and in Gen IV I've only found two... floatzel and Unown-x). Had several failed captures, though. My most spectacular was mightyena in Y; I found one at 2,100 or so REs, accidentally ran away, and never found another one. Bred it instead.
    First time I found a shiny lapras I caught it successfully... Second one refused to stay in the ball and fainted itself XP Not going back into a lapras safari without a soundproofer. I hunt in the safaris for shinydex entries more than anything competitive, though I did catch a 3IV shiny absol with what Smogon says is a very good nature. It was my second shiny absol to transfer forward to ORAS is pending. With my MMing I've had some very good luck with IV spreads and abilities... I got a HA tentacool with all the IVs in the right places, a jolly tauros with the SpATK stat not maxed (it didn't need it anyway), and a couple others with what I consider perfect spreads. Working on an adamant HA tepig now
    I don't stockpile eggs in Y, though I stockpile 370 at a time in Black 2 and hatch en masse. I hatched for koffing once... Took me 1,043 eggs. She's bold, to take advantage of weezing's defensive stats. And I named my trapinch Singer, since flygon is said to make singing sounds with its wings.

    Why do I need a soundproofer? Two words: Perish Song XP A soundproof Mr Mime is immune to Perish Song and can put lapras to sleep without needing to switch out.
    I just hatched a shiny trapinch :D Female. Still gotta check the IVs, though... 446 eggs!

    I have the oval charm in B2... Still need more 'mons from games I don't have to get the shiny charm. In Y I've actually gotten most of what I needed already by trading off duplicate shinies from my fs hunting. The rest I just need to catch/breed/evolve, and for most of them I am damned and determined to get the shinydex for them. I'll get the shiny charm! ...Eventually XD;;; Just occasionally need to pester people for help with trade evos.

    (And I STILL need to breed hypnosis onto a Soundproof Mr Mime so I can go after delibird in a safari that also contains lapras...)
    I have never had the shiny charm in any game XD;;; But I might actually get it in Y... eventually. I'm certainly closer to it than I am in Black 2, mostly because pokemon are easier to get with the friend safaris, wonder trading, and the gts. I could never use the gts in Black 2 b/c my wifi was incompatible with the game
    You have your Shiny Charm too right? I think the 507 odds might be off sometimes. Cause my last couple MM have been way over odds. But then I have had some hunts that were way under too so yea haha. But yea Shiny Gyarados is pretty. Shiny Magikarp being gold is pretty awesome. I wish they woulda done some sorta color swap on for Mega Gyarados. Like what they did with Mega Gengar. I loved Gengar to begin with and then he got a mega and an awesome color for his Mega ^~^
    Just hatched almost 1,000 eggs for sentret... My worst MM luck was with roggenrola in Black 2. 7,029 eggs. That was one damn stubborn pebble... I like shiny gyarados, actually ^^;;; When I need a water-type on my team I almost invariably pick gyarados, and I love the red it turns when shiny. I also like doublade's shiny, and most that are either pink or gold ^^;;;
    I've gotten some very good IVed shinies from my MMing; I could probably take on the battle maison and get some BP...if I ever get around to it. I tend to get really distracted with the breeding and REing.
    XD Now I just need to actually get a choice band or a life orb... I don't have enough BP
    I think I got the 6IV trapinch from you in a trade XD; It's jolly; I just have to put the everstone on him. What's "EQ", though?
    Not fair? I do't know the exact number but definitely over 15K. It was my second longest hunt! XD Thank you, I hope yours won't go over the odds. ^^
    Yeah, if I could get a 6IV one and a 5IV one with the attack stat missing it'd allow me to mess around with them a bit (if you're wondering, I'd be using one as an electrode and using the other to try and breed off one with HP-grass for my LC team).
    I have a bunch of 5IV pokemon, but many of them are rejects and/or way too common (things like timid torrent froakie). Delcatty is the only thing I'm willing to offer that could actually garner trade value should you wish to trade it off for anything else.
    No worries, I'd actually be interested in a few of them. If you have any with a missing attack or defense IV, I'll take one of each of those (or a 6IV one). Guessing a shiny delcatty would be more than enough compensation?
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