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  • Any time tomorrow, likely around this time would be best. I'm out in town right now. Would you be able to send back a clone of my Milotic? I don't know how to clone just yet. (Mind telling me how?)
    So, the trade is your Jirachi for my Milotic?

    If so, what are the best times to get in contact with you?
    I've got the Korean Dream World Starters, one of which has great IVs (Chimchar). I've also got a couple of the WISH events, and a healthy collection of 10th Anniversary events from various countries.

    I addition, I have the Shiny event Entei, Raikou, and Suicune, from the US and Japan, iirc.

    As for the Milotic, I'll have to clone it if that is okay with you.
    I'm on my phone right now, so this is a bit more efficient.

    I do have a Korean Character Fair Milotic. It's shiny, and I can even take some time out to put a Flame Orb on it.

    I've got about 150 to 200 other events to choose from, and unfortunately I don't have the complete list on hand. However, I do remember many off the top of my head.
    Hey, I noticed that you apparently have the Shiny Jirachi issued recently. Is there anything specific that you're looking for? I may have it on hand.
    Yeah, I still watch some episodes when I'm hunting. What I meant is that the anime wasn't enough to keep me interested in pokemon all these years. ^^
    I watched Kanto, Johto and half of the honen episodes. I've grown out of the anime after that. The anime is a little bit childish for me. The games made me fall in love with pokemon again and I don't think I'll be growing out of this again any time soon. XD
    Mind if I add you? I've been looking for a Dark Safari with Pawniard and Cacturne. I have a Dark Safari too with the same Pokemon except instead of Absol I have Sableye.
    I got into the games late, But I always watched the anime and collected cards at some point. Yeah I'm glad I decided to try the games. I was missing out a lot of fun. ^^
    Yeah. I started with gen 4 and pokemon pearl. HG and SS were a blessing for me and it be the same with the AS and OR. XD
    A poll would be great. Was there a poll for mega evolutions before? I'm excited too. I never played the OG RSE, So the new games would be completely new for me. :p
    I'll be getting Treecko, So mega Sceptile for me. I hope we'll also get a few mega evolutions of gen 5 pokemon. It's not fair if they don't get any. :p
    You're welcome. That's a great idea. I hope these 2 pokemon get a mega evolution. I'd love to use Sharpedo myself. You already helped me with Ditto. I'm just glad I could do something in return. And thanks for the friend request. ^^
    No problem. ^^ You seem to busy in game again. your not responding to the trade request.
    Hi, I'll breed you a speed boost Carvahna in dream ball & let you know when she's ready. ^^
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