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  • I'll be online in a minute. Don't worry about it. I'm very grateful for the help. ^^
    Thank you. Just Caught the Cacturne you wanted. Let me know when you're ready to trade. ^^
    Just Saw your sig. YOu have a Cacturne Safari? I can get it from your own safari. :D
    My Fc is in my sig ^^
    I just pmed a few people for Cacturne safari.I f they accept I can get you a HD Cacturne in a Luxary ball. ^^
    I'm a busy bee XD Or just an insane lunatic, that works, too LOL;;; I've already caught all the legendaries in Black 2 but I plan on a buttload of SRing in White 2... I especially want Regice and Registeel (not too cracked over Regirock's shiny), Cresselia, Virizion, Kyurem, and Latias. Wish I'd had the presence of mind to SR latios rather than just catching it, though...

    Thanks... I'm gonna need all the luck I can get. Now if the stupid trees would just shake...
    Metang is genderless so I don't think you could pass down pokeballs, breeding it. ^^;
    I don't have safaries with Cacturne or Spheal but I can look for them and catch the mons you want.
    And at the moment I don't have pokebank but I have these special ball pokemon from trades:
    Sports ball Scyther, Love ball sentret, moon ball Gastly, moonball ralts, moonball misdreavus, dream ball Carvahna, dream ball shuckle, dream ball musharna.
    Thank you very much for offering me a clone of your Ditto. That is so kind of you and it's a great help. Maybe I can offer you 5IVed pokemons or some Items as a thank you? ^_^
    ^_^;;; I'm also switching off with a berry tree SR in Y... currently at 5,425 SRs and the tree produced berries. Back to hatching honedge until the next red berry tree shakes... I still stalk hordes for shinies, too; current hunting spot is Frost Cavern. So I have at least three hunts in various stages of completion in Gen VI ^_^;;;

    Have to get off my butt and finish White 2 so I can unlock Regice... Gonna SR it shiny, too. Debating whether to single hunt it in B2 or double hunt it in B2 and W2
    I breed on both, actually... Black 2 is the one I had first and is still my "main game".

    I also keep getting sidetracked by other shinies and hunts on Y ^^;;; Currently, though, I'm in the middle of a shiny honedge breeding request that I'm at 1,240 eggs for. My next target is a shiny Skill Swap elgyem with Telepathy that I can use for hunting on routes with hostile hordes or hordes that kill each other (particularly geodude/graveler and the infamous durant/heatmor). Then is lucario.
    It seems like it takes a month before a tree dies, so you have plenty of time to hunt for the Bugs! Listen, I haven't tried that hunt yet just like you. It's new for me as well. Actually, two trees out of my 12 are shaking, one with Burmy and one with Scatterbug. Still waiting for more to shake. Like I said earlier on the shiny thread, Brooke from the ShinyTwins178 (popular shiny hunting youtubers) got hers in more than 10000 soft resets, so I don't think you have anything to worry about. :)
    Yep; once the the tree is full of berries, there will be a chance a Bug will appear eventually. I don't know what the probability is but if I recall correctly, every two hours there is a chance a Bug will come in your tree.
    "So for in X/Y we just plant berries and wait the time out for them to be ready and wait for them to shake and then save and start SR that tree? I could honestly use more info in order to do this one xD"
    Mind if I answer you, eheh ? :p
    Well I guess that's probably it, yes. You just wait until the tree shakes. Though I'd plant a couple ones of the same berry color because the chances a bug appears is a probability and it might never happen (that is if you are really unlucky!) if you only plant one. I personally planted 6 trees of Pink Berries for Spewpa and 6 trees of Green Berries for Burmy.
    Good luck! :D
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