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  • Oh, did I hurt your widdel feelings? Maybe you should try counting to POTATO to blow off steam.

    If you even can.
    You're right. You're the smart one. And judging from your smartness, I will ask you this:

    Can you count to potato?
    I think that says more about MugoUrth than it does about you.

    Just kidding (kinda)
    Hey hey, I am not a wall I am just hard of hearing.
    Hahaha wow I cracked up upon seeing this. Kudos to you sir.
    Perhaps, but I know how some people are. I stick up for people, that's how I am. They obviously didn't confront you with your behavior, but like I said, I got a pm about someone who actually was happy with me for saying that. I honestly don't believe you are a mean guy or anything, just wording your self unfortunate(?) on certain moments, and I think you can change that.
    You never whined against me. I just saw you do it against people in other threads. I shouldn't have called you a social reject though.
    Seriously? You call me a snob while you act like you are the 'better' and 'right' one all the time? I don't look down on people, I only look up to people who deserve it. You shouldn't only be 'nice' when people get to know you. That's the wrong additude. Just treat everyone on this forum with respect, 'internet' or not. If anyone is a snob here, it would be you.
    ..Are you kidding me? How old are you? 12? That explains your behavior. Stop making yourself look like a social reject please. Just adjust your additude, act more mature.

    But then again.. this is a Pokémon forum, your behavior is quite expected.
    Or maybe you should go outside more often. Just because you are on the 'internet' doesn't give you the rights to whine and moan at others all day long.. on a Pokémon forum. Seriously, who do YOU think you are? A lot of your comments are unnecessarily mean.
    If that's your definition of calm, then I am curious to when you aren't calm. I actually just got a PM of someone agreeing with me as well. Listen, I am not attacking you or anything, but I just notice that a lot of your posts seem to be pretty aggressive. Whether you are aware of it or not, just reread your posts before you post it. No one likes to be yelled at, especially when they didn't deserve it.
    Exactly that additude. Just calm the heck down. Seems like you are raging in every post. Everyone makes mistakes, some people might disagree with you, no need to be all hostile.
    Are some of your reactions really necessarily? It kind of makes you look like a prick. Seriously, you can make your point clear without whining/sarcasm or insulting. It doesn't make you look 'cool' or anything. Just stop.
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