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Blaze Master X
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  • Yeah. Nomura said that KH IV's world selection is currently in progress and that the
    real game's being developed on Unreal Engine 5 (the trailer was rendered with Unreal Engine 4).

    Lol when Nomura was saw the forest for the first time in the game, he kept telling the dev
    team to stop sending him live-action footage, not realizing that this was Unreal Engine 4. xD
    I'm going with late 2023/2024 at the earliest and then 2025 at the latest.
    If IV's the game Team Osaka's been working on since 2020, it's already had about 2.5 years of development.

    Cool. KG got his on day 1 just to troll people with the fact that he never uses it
    and only has it for decor as a paperweight in his house. xD
    Called it. We might not have to wait too long for this game. The Osaka Team
    has been working on a game right after they finished KH III Re:Mind.
    The last half of the event, a Stage Event with a mini-concert, and then a Talk Show with Nomura and the Kingdom Hearts development team
    is underway as of this post. Square Enix banned photos, videos and live-tweets from this portion of the event at least until it ends in a couple of hours.
    Nope, that's not suspicious. xD
    The Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary event is underway in Japan.
    Nomura did some new artwork for the anniversary:
    Oh HUH... I Remember He Did That Once With A Short Where Joey And Mai (Possibly Them) Had Cameos XD.
    Cool. This is a series Kazuki Takahashi worked on that started in 2019 and is being localized now by Viz.
    Mai and Joey did make an easter egg cameo in one issue where Spider-Man and Iron Man travel to a Japanese game show in Japan. xD

    Past 2 Games KINDA Make/Made It Seem Like They Were HEAVY IMPLYING He Was Coming. And What Makes It Awesome, Is That They Confirmed Venom's VA, FRICKIN' Tony Todd As Venom... PERFECT!! Candyman As The Voice Of Venom, Pitch Perfect Casting There. :) :D :cool: :cool: :cool:
    Blaze Master X
    Blaze Master X
    Indeed. lol
    Yep, that sounds so good. lol
    Darkrai 888
    Darkrai 888
    Since I Think There Was A Venom Tease With Norman Osborn In The Mid/Post Credits Scene Of The Miles Morales Spinoff Game.
    Yup, Dude Is AMAZING At These CREEPY Roles.
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