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  • I Can TOTALLY UNDERSTAND That Response! It's TOTALLY Appropriate. 10 IS A Good Amount To Decide On Whether Or Not It's Good, Bad, MEH, Ok, Whatever, TERRIBLE/AWFUL, Or AMAZING. :)

    Yup!! :) And The Guy Voicing Hologram Man (Blue Eyes Owner In Premiere) Is A YuGiOh Saiyu Veteran. Voiced Mako In Duel Monsters, Leo Akaba In Arc V. And... RotomDex Back In SM!! :)
    BTW... How Do U Feel For YuGiOh Sevens In A Week? :) I'm Excited For The Premiere Basically Because Blue Eyes White Dragon Is In The Series Premiere. :)
    Yup, It's PROBABLY Riolu. But... Would Be A Cool Surprise IF It Was Sobble. :) BOUT Time Him And Drumming Monkey FINALLY Debuted LOL.

    Agreed... I'm Just TIRED Of The Gen 1 Roster Right Now. :/ And My BIGGEST PROBLEM With Dragonite, Is Just That... A Main Character ALREADY Had This Mon. Get Something NEW NEW That A Character HASN'T Had In The Past.
    Cool About Ash And An Egg I'm Just Gonna Go With The STEREOTYPICAL Blue Pokemon That Were Around The Merchandise LOL!! It's Either Riolu (PROBABLY The Top Candidate), Sobble, Or Munchlax. Fine With Either The Former 2. :)
    Yeah. But I'm actually okay with it. At least he'll finally have another Pokémon that isn't from Gen 1. xD
    Lol though if the anime trolls the fans and Riolu doesn't evolve into a Lucario. xD
    Yeah, I Kept Getting LAME Rabbits And A Cow LOL. Ended Up With A Pig (Not A Fan) But Got A Rhino LOL. :)

    Yeah LOL.
    Yeah SUCKS. But Game Is Good So Far. Reset Few Times Because Unsatisfied With Animals I Got LOL.

    Ah Ok, I THINK I KNOW What That Is... XD.
    WELP, As Of Monday, We're TRAPPED At Home LOL Sucks, But I Have My Content. :) And I Got my Animal Crossing Game. :)

    What's Rune Factory 4 Special LOL?
    What Game? U Have My Curiosity Honestly LOL!! :) But Yeah, Playing On And Off Of Mystery Dungeon DX LOL

    Yup, Have Enough Stuff To Entertain Me, A Few Games, Like 300 Movies LOL. I Have Stuff To Keep Me Entertained If We're STUCK At Home LOL

    Yup Same LOL!! :) Be My First Animal Crossing Game In Years LOL.
    LOL, Just Lazy And Playing Some Game LOL. That's Funny LOL. :) Yeah I'm Ok Where I Am. NOT CONDEMNED To Houses JUST YET. But Yeah, I'm Good. :) Hoping To Make It To Friday So I Can Get Animal Crossing LOL.
    Agreed, :/ Yes The Gengar Is REALLY COOL. But... Kinda Want A Galar One. Like... FRICKIN' Grookey AND Sobble STILL HAVEN'T EVEN DEBUTED Yet LOL!?

    AWESOME. :)
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