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  • I wanna return to the forum games, I really do.

    But am worried I could get another warning. And I value my account a lot since I love this community.
    Alright, I got another warning for something I did in the forum games.

    So I'll take another break from the forum games, until the next warning expires.

    However, I think I'm better off not returning at all, because I love this community, and I don't wanna be banned. I understand the rules in the forum games are there for a reason, I really am worried I could get another warning if I dare posting in that section again. So yeah.
    [regarding your message on the rep system:

    lol i actually played a part in it being removed, but if you want to know i'll tell you privately. it's hilarious]
    I am so happy that the reputation system is gone and has been gone for MONTHS now.

    Because it was beyond frustrating to not being able to respond to the negative reputations since there was no way to know who made them. Of course I wanted to respond since people either miss my point, or I disagree. A message board is there to discuss stuff, and I can't discuss if I can't interact with people who are hiding.

    I hope it's gone for good now and is not coming back any time soon.
    I changed my mind and am gonna post in the forum games again.

    I know why I got the warning and know how to avoid further warnings, so I think I'm gonna be alright.
    For those of you wondering why I haven't posted in the forum games, well, I got a warning. And it will expire on October 9th, 2014.

    And I think it's best not to post in that section until the warning expires.

    I'll still post in general discussion though as I know I'm not breaking any rules there. Sure, some of my threads got closed, but I never got warning for that.
    Sure. I don't mind really. Although we seem to agree and disagree on certain things mainly involving this subject, I don't mind accepting
    Also, they dont have to go and completely change Hydreigon's design to become a steel type. Maybe some minor details like turning the heads into metalic cannons or something. Or something like this. Just because a typing has changed it doesnt mean they have to go overboard. Now what would happen if that was said if pokemon like eevee was in later gens?

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