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  • Thanks Blaze! I've only just started doing videos so I'm sorry about the terrible quality, though I'm glad you love Gengar too! He's one of my favorites as well :D As for the EVs you're pretty right, although not all Pokes only give you +1 to an EV there are some that give you +2 instead, once I get home I'll send you the best places to EV train as well. About the IVs you're partially right, IVs are hidden values that automatically add up once you level up. Its very important competitively but doesn't matter much when you aren't playing in-game. You can also pass down IVs from Pokemon to its offspring, so if you have a Tyranitar with 31 IVs in attack and you breed it then the resulting baby Pokemon has a chance of having that same amount. Also 252/252/4 isn't the only EV spread but it's definitely the most common and very good for a beginner to know. I'll be on the xt soon and I'll stay on most of the day today so I can explain further if you get on there. Also I noticed you posted on your own profile instead of mine, to post on my page so that I see the message quicker just click on my name then go over to "Visitor Messages" and post there, that way I'll get a notification when you post the message.
    Thanks refreeze I actually saw one of your videos on YouTube and loved that you use Gengar , he's one of my favorite pokes! As far as ev training I know you need an unused pokemon usually an egg and then you give it 10 vitamins for whichever stat your trying to boost...then you need pokerus and a power item i.e. power anklet (+speed) then you go kill whichever pokemon that would give you a +1 speed ev and you do that until you have 252 Evs in that stat then you repeat that process for another stat. That's about all I know as for I'V training Im not sure how you do it but I know it involves breeding and it IV trained pokemon have an advantage something like +31 in a random stat..sorry for being noobish but I can learn quickly :p and thanks for the messages the guild seems great!
    I guess that's pretty much it, I'm sorry about the super long message, I tend to type a lot when I get excited sorry XD So go ahead and tell me what you know about EVs, IVs, and battling in general. I'll teach you about EVs and IVs, however you'll have to find someone to tutor you for battling, luckily you've joined TrainerChris' division, he's a very experienced battler and very good, he taught me how to battle but I'm still learning myself :P You can message him yourself or look for him on the xat. That's where the guild comes together to hangout and chat and stuff. We're pretty casual about normal talk so feel free to join, but just so you know a lot of the guys there are very close friends so they often tell harsh jokes to each other so don't be put off by them :P Here's the link to the xat http://xat.com/ageofshoguns I get out of school at about 5pm EST so you can find me here around that time. Have fun! Also just so you know, when you get on the xat you should change your xat name to your serebii name or something close to it so we know who you are.
    Hey Blaze! I saw you posted to register in our guild! I'm no leader so I can't accept you but don't worry, there's no reason to deny your request to join the guild so you're pretty much a 100% shot in. The leaders are Extroph, TrainerChris, and Ace. They've been busy of late so it might take them a bit to accept you into the guild but until then we can talk through VMs. If you ever have any questions about the site go ahead and ask me because I've been here a while so I know a bit about what's going on.

    Also I saw that you wanted to learn about EV training, Competitive battling, and IV Breeding. If you told me how much you know about those I can go ahead and teach you the rest. Everything else is learned through experience and practice so don't worry, everyone starts out somewhere.

    Also we have RPs (Roleplays) in the forum and I'm an experienced RPer and GM. If you don't know what RP is, it's basically where the players make their own character and act in a world created by the GM. I know it's not a perfect analogy but if you're interested I can tell you more. We have Fanfiction and original fics here too so this place is pretty diverse.
    welcome to the forums! if u need help here, let me know. 1 piece of advice: don't double post. u get in trouble for that. to talk to me back, click on my name, then go to visitor messages to talk. have fun! :)
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