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  • Yeah, it's kind of a little depressing. See, my hope is that people like ShinyUmbreon will make such jackasses of themselves that people who haven't made up their minds about the issue will go "Oh, so those are the kind of people that are defending the cop in this case. Better steer clear."
    All I want you to do is answer one question that's you've been avoiding this whole time. WHY ARE WHITE'S THE ONLY RACE THAT'S RACIST? You said it yourself, I used a racial slur. The funny thing is I didn't use it on anybody, I used it to get a point across. But a minority like yourself wouldn't understand it cause "you can't be racist" calling a white a honkie isn't a racial slur right? It's the same with the n word, chink, beaner, spic, etc. It's used as a racial slur against whites but you're too closed minded to realize that. Or maybe it's cause you're a minority, I don't know. Go ahead and call me racist... My group of friends are mostly black, I'm a rapper so I get a lot of black attention and one of my best friends I've known half of my life is Peurto Rican. I'm faaaar from racist. If you respect me I'll respect you, regardless of the race. If you spit on me, I'm gonna spit back, regardless of the race.
    Soooooo giving them their own holiday's, programs, school programs, etc gives them the same rights and privileges? No it gives them superiority over other races. You are one funny dude, for real. I could honestly care less if there was a WET or White History Month, let alone a holiday in the name of a white person. I still find it hilarious that you say only whites can be racist, that's the stupidest **** I've ever heard. If I call a black person the n word it's racist right? If I call a Peurto Rican a spic it's racist right? If I call a Mexican a beaner it's racist right? But yet if any of those races calls a white person a honkie or whatever it's fine right? If you think that you're a delusional human being that needs to be checked asap. If you're pointing your finger at me claiming I'm racist since I'm white just remember you're pointing three fingers at yourself.
    Dude **** off coming from someone that say's only whites can be racist making you racist. You completely ignored everything I said. Am I surprised? Not one bit, you're definitely not biased. Yeah let's just give minorities more so they can feel superior to the other race.
    First off no I'm not racist, and all races are racist and can be racist towards eachother. I just have different ideals so therefore I'm racist? Come on. I see it for what it is based on past experience and facts. The problem with minorities (mostly black) is they play the race card involving anything. Let's say a employer fires 2 people (1 black 1 white), 9/10 times the black will pull the race card and call the employer out on being racist, the employer now must hire 2 new employee's. He calls in 4 people (2 whites 2 blacks) for an interview and he ends up hiring 1 black and 1 white based on their resume or whatever, the other black would call the employer racist. I've seen this happen at least 7 times in my lifetime and it's gotten so far out of hand that an town with 45,000 people (20-25% African American) 8/10 of the employee's are minorities cause employers are sick and tired of being called racist. Every fast food I go into in town 4/5 of the employee's I see are black. I currently work in a warehouse (Target Distribution), out of the 14 people 3 of them are white. When I used to work at 3M they put all the Hispanic/Latino employee's on 1st shift, African American's on 2nd shift, and mostly whites on 3rd shift so they wouldn't be called "racist". That seems extremely racist to me. Now do you see where I'm coming from? So no I'm far from racist.

    And I got another point I need to come across in regards to minority holidays, schools, programs, etc. Black Chamber of Commerce (wtf is this?), PhD Program (again wtf?), Black History Month (see the trend?), Cinco De Mayo (shall I continue?), Martin Luther King Day (like I get it and I respect MLK for what he did, but still), and there's many many more. Yet, if the whites made a "White History Month", or a "White Chamber of Commerce" we would be called "racist"? Do you not see the issue with this?
    You said only whites can be racist. That's definitely not something a minority would say. It's not me playing the race card (I can't even use the race card), it's the blacks using it to point fingers and blame the white man. Just like any other minority.
    I find it funny that everyone gang rapes the white dude.. I also find it ironic you're part of it since clearly you're not white and biased as hell.
    I didn't mean to insinuate that you in particular disagreed, rather what I meant to say is that feminism as a whole doesn't seem very devoted to tackling issues like patriarchy denial, for example. Though maybe this is just from my limited experience.

    What makes Puerto Rico such a **** hole? You've gone and piqued my curiosity.
    Yeah, they really are. That's my big thing about debating anti feminists and engaging with them. Mostly, they aren't interested in understanding. They're interested in putting you in your place. I guess why I stayed in so long, despite the ridiculous and mind bending rationalizations popping up in my face all of the time, is that I feel anti-feminism sort of dominates the conversation. Looking at the big picture, the issue is bigger than Fed, Aegis, etc. Take YouTube, for example. It's dominated by personalities like ThunderFoot and TheAmazingAtheist, who when they aren't dismantling religion, they're crusading against feminism. Essentially, they have a monopoly over this platform to speak because there are no other feminist voices throwing their hat into the ring. Normally, I would say the best option is to ignore them, because debating them gives their ideas credence. However, I feel like we can't afford to do this when they literally dominate the conversation. I feel like there has got to be a way to offer these people much less wiggle room. Just ugh.

    I'm happy to hear you're on your way to Mass! Where were you before, again? And why are you moving back?
    Doing alright. In a "meh" sort of mood. Work is frustrating, but hopefully I only have to deal with a month or two of it before I'll be snug in Seattle. This whole "getting your life together" thing has been a really bumpy road, but things are finally looking up it seems. I've also been doing a lot of research lately into radical feminism and marxist feminism and figuring out which I identify with more. Aside from that, I've just been catching up on Game of Thrones and finding new music to listen to. Yourself?
    Oh lord. Yeah, a week like that would put me through the ringer. That thing with your work is what gets me the most. What the hell? Can they even do that?
    Basically the same, really. Though the good news is, I might be moving to Seattle soon. It will be a nice change from struggling all the time. That 15 dollar minimum wage sounds so sexy. :p
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