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  • Oh I'm so sorry for you and your friend :( There's been a lot of sorrow over here as well, there were about 30 Aussies on that plane, plus some Brits. It's just so wrong what the world has come to.
    Let's go back to being happy though, we don't want to get all depressed. So you're 14, does that mean you're in middle or high school?
    Well done girl :) Yeah, at least Rodriguez got the Golden Boot, a German player or Robben (even though he dived) should have won it.
    OMG you're gorgeous!
    I was supporting England and Australia, and neither of them made it past the groups xD Sorry to disappoint, but I wanted Brazil to lose, and I was sort of happy when they got hammered. I don't mind David Luiz though, he's good for Chelsea. I was disappointed Messi got best player, he's overrated. I already sent you a PM about it, just as long as you don't tell anyone the plot ;)
    Is that you in your profile pic?!
    OMG we do have a lot in common! I'm sorry about Netherlands getting knocked out, at least they did better than England :( I love Transformers as well, but I need to see the 4th. I'll have to watch Pacific Rim then. I'll send you a PM about the fanfic, I'm working on it with a friend (I'm writing, he does the cover pictures) and it's a secret work :p
    Nieuw en Nederlands? Welkom op dit forum, als je vragen hebt of gewoon wil kletsen kan dat! :)
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