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  • I agree :) (the only exception is when mom and dad didn't let me do whatever I wanted to :p jk) Here in North America parents are starting to distrust the education system :s
    I borrowed gates to infinity from a friend, it is a great game. I don't have a 3DS now but I'll get a 2DS I'm cheap, sorry XD
    I know how you feel, I'd advise you to keep your pink one, both do (basically) the same and you can use that money for new games...I feel like nintendo will launch a new portable console next year or the following one (just a feeling) Hehe! Same here! I left my job because of an injury and now I study human resources (so I can give you some tips if you want them for writing your CV) What kind of job did you find? (sorry for asking) I'm looking for a summer job (to buy games, of course!) until going back to classes in September.
    Hey! You are one of the few persons here who agrees with me about what school is now :s You are absolutely right! And some teachers don't even care if you learn their lessons, no wonder why many parents want to homeschool... Hehe, that makes sense, we sometimes complain about what we have and don't fell good for having it...
    The last one I played was XY, now I want to get ORAS. College has kept me away from playing :s You know what? I love Mystery dungeon! This was a surprise, I was expecting Pokémon Z instead :) What do you think about the new game?
    "School" I'm allergic to that word :p No problem.
    Really? Yep! Who decides top post a picture of herself holding her cards?
    Sorry to hear that, College is keeping me away from gaming. I wish we lived in the Pokemon world... those kids don't go to school! :D
    Hi there, How are ya?
    Thanks for accepting my FR!
    Hey! are you a TCG? I always wanted to play it but I live too far from the places were people play it.
    Same here. Garchomp komt uit Unova en Greninja uit een friend safari. Maar ik ga slapen nu, truste!
    Netjes. Daar heb ik het geduld niet voor. Daarom heb ik een shiny Charizard uit Italië kunnen krijgen van een goede vriendin van me. In ruil voor een shiny Magmar waar ik er 3 van had haha.
    Ah ben jij er zo eentje? Ik doe niet aan die IV en EV onzin dus tja... Wordt nog interessant. :p
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