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  • Oh sorry! I forgot to reply :S
    I already got a Swirlix off the gts sorry :/ do you have anything else? :)
    Mine is in my signature, also nevermind about the help evolving my slowpoke (going to keep it for my LC team).
    There, managed to find one with 4 30 IV's (HP, def, sp.atk, and spdef). If possible as well, I'd like for you to help me evolve a slowpoke I managed to find (basically the same IV's, figured I'd try out slowking in the battle maison). Also, I'll need your fc
    Sure, even though the slowbro I'm breeding has 5 flawless IV's, a bold nature, and is generally considered better than slowking due to the plethoria of physical attackers brought in this generation. Give me like 20 mins to whip something up, if I try I can maybe get you a calm one with the same IV spread (to work with slowking's higher sp.def).
    HA-wise, I can breed off lotad (swift swim), fletchling, fennekin, zangoose, slowpoke, dratini, goomy, poliwag, and vulpix. If you can pick any of them aside from lotad though, that'll help me as the only swift swim one I own has 6 flawless IV's, is lv1, and is currently in the process of being EV trained.
    That's actually perfect, as I've been looking to breed a competitive muk and weezing for ages (both being my favourite pkmn). Would you accept an adamant/speed boost venipede and a modest/protein froakie for them?
    If you can find one that's either outstanding or has 4 IV's of 31 I'll give you something decent for it, assuming you accept HA pkmn.
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