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Recent content by Blazikens_Brushfire

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    Official User Name Change Thread. v1.5 -Read Last Post-

    S 19 Old Name: Kiran-Kun New Name: Blazikens_Brushfire
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    What Video Game are you currently playing?

    I'm currently playing both Kingdom Hearts (original one) and Star Wars Battlefront. My birthday's coming up, so I'm trying to warm up for a copy of KH2. My little bro got Battlefront during spring break, and I've been playing it since. Oh, how I love crushing the Rebel scum. Heh heh.
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    Your first ever Pokémon?

    I remember when I was in 1st grade begging for a Gameboy Color and a Pokemon game. Though I didn't understand at all what the whole thing was about (like the majority of my friends, we were only interested in finding Pikachu), I blindly chose a Squirtle and soon became very attached to it...
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    Your Personalized Adventure [vol.1]

    1. WHAT REGION WOULD YOU START IN. Hoenn, definitely 2. WHAT WOULD BE YOUR NAME. Akira -_-;; 3. WHAT STARTER WOULD YOU PICK. Torchic 4. LIST YOUR TEAM. Blaziken Alakazam Aggron Altaria Ursaring Machoke 5.WHAT TYPE OF GOAL WOULD YOU SET. Beat every gym leader, frontier...
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    Hoennshipping General Discussion

    Oh, gosh, this thread has really changed since I've been gone... well, kinda. I've been coming here to check how my YGO deck has improved, but anyways, on to the topic. TOPIC: During her travels, May receives an unexpected letter from Brendan. What would it say and how would she reply? Hard to...
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    Beat Down Deck(ADV)-_-;;

    Err... what's "rota"?? I'll need some complete names, unfortunately. Oh, and I've decided to pull out my Lvl cards. A Brain Control was added, and i've got a DD Assailant is up for grabs. Chainsaw Insect is a must for this deck, I've realized, but i dont remember which booster it comes in...
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    Beat Down Deck(ADV)-_-;;

    What was supposed to be an innocent spellcaster/warrior deck suddenly became something twisted and strange that could only come under the category of- Beat Down. Go ahead, flame away. I'll need some constructive criticism for this one. Tribute Summons Dark Magician Buster Blader Archfiend...
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    Like anime subbed or dubbed? ~ Where the concept of Uncut DVDs still hasn't sank in.

    Oh, definitely subtitled. I may not be able to understand what they say, but it's still awesome seeing what they actually say, instead of all that strange dubbed stuff. ;D
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    Favorite moves from Naruto

    Definitely Thousand Years of Pain or Kiba's All Fours Jutsu. Either way, I only read the manga featured in Shonen Jump, so I've missed out on a lot of chapters. -_-;;
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    Hoennshipping General Discussion

    Yay, fresh members!! Hi, Asuka, welcome to HSGen. Don't mind the others' strange posts. ;D If you find someone who isn't supporting a ship yet, how would YOU make them Hoennshippers? I'd link them to this thread. Yeah. Or, tape them to a chair and force them to go on. :) HAPPY NEW YEARS, HSGEN!!!!
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    Hoennshipping General Discussion

    What song have you listened to this year that has most reminded you of Hoennshipping? Ah... that one song "Just the Girl" from ah... *doesn't know band* Ah well, it'll come to mind some time. Or "Simple and Clean" from Hikaru Utada (the unofficial most talked about song in HSGen). Yeah. I...
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    ps2 recomendations

    DEFINITELY get Kingdom Hearts. Easy gameplay (unless you hate RPGs), smooth graphics and fun characters are the game's high points. Another game would be the Jak series or the Ratchet series. Final Fantasy is another good series, but you should try out the new Shadow of the Collosus game...
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    Mario Kart DS Emblem

    My little bro got a DS and Mario Kart for X-Mas, so I took the liberty of making his emblem; CHEESE!! XD
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    Hoennshipping General Discussion

    Topic: Say, it was a tradition to hug someone at midnight (on New Year) and not letting that person go till 1 o'clock how would Brendan approch to May and make it look natural? I s'pose he'll just hug her. *shrugs* That works, right? And if he gets embarresed, he can just run away... only to...
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    Hoennshipping General Discussion

    Topic: What will Brendan and May write in their Christmas card to each other? From Brendan, preferably something stupid like, "Merry Christmas... and have you seen my history book??" From May, something sweet like, "Merry Christmas to the nicest (and, yes, cutest) boy in the world!" Yeah...