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  • Long time, no talk young stranger. Well you've certainly grown up a lot since we last spoke. I remember writing you as our youngest sputnick in Just For You. XD And now you're at sixth form? I feel old! XD How are things doing your way?
    Your old friend, WS XxX

    Oh my god, you have no idea! Ever since I've been running the thread, I keep overreacting to myself saying "Oh god, so-and-so posted a one liner!", "Holy crap, this person flamed!" It's kind of funny yet stressing at the same time. It's like you're trying your best to keep everyone in line but at the same time try to make it fun. It's almost like being a teacher. xDDD I become too obsessed sometimes with how everyone posts and have lost it before, but now I just try to keep my cool. xD
    Yeah, seriously! We're all so old now compared to the fresh meat of Pokeshippers we get nowadays. xDDDD
    Awesome, and seriously? Wow, time flies! It's been so long ago so it's kind of funny how most of the old PSers got older. xDDD
    Aww, you should post again sometime! We could always use more of our veterans. Speaking of them, I do miss a ton of them. D: But glad to hear that you're well! :3 I'm doing alright myself, taking on college and working. xD
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