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  • You would be correct... on both our visitor message history and your assumption. As far as I can tell, JetshipperKekkaishi, previously known to me as Pearlmasterking, if my memory's still accurate, convinced me to consider Cilan and Iris as a romantically friendly duo in Unova as the summer of 2011 approached. However, during that aforementioned span of time -- October 2011 -- I purchased and read a book that, shall we say, obliterated any faith I once had that the world's major societies would survive the process of modernization as conducted by the United States and its allies, thereby persuading me to search for a new global standard, based on my previous support for cuteness. The level of energy that I saw among the bronies exceeded any possible boundary my imagination could've possessed, such that by February 2013, I was sharing details of said scenario with Janovy, among other Pearlshippers.
    Talk about a thorough shift. Those turns starting in October-November 2011 were enough to persuade me to devise an overarching scenario for ending this franchise in Unova altogether, and those pastel-colored, magic-wielding, friendship-seeking ponies have embedded themselves into my memory. Are you doing well so far this last month of a truly invigorating year?
    I agree. Just when the dub finally starts to get okay again, the writing suffers really badly. Exactly right on DP, IMO.

    It was going a bit South, but your last sentence pretty much nails my thoughts on why the show felt so much more real before. :)
    Yeah, that still bugs me about TPCi. Zebstrika, Eelektross, Beheyeem, and Heatmor sound just horrible...I mean, it sounds like no effort's put into the Pokémon dub voices anymore. The other problem I still have with them is the dialogue, namely the "o'course," "kay," and all the alliterations and assonance C. Cathcart does with TRio.

    It's a shame that in BW TPCi's dub has finally become good on its own merit, but the writing in the series has dropped to such an abysmal level in BW now that the show itself has lost any sight of a goal or plan. It's depressing, but I'm pretty much done with the anime...even though I like what I've seen of Ash/Satoshi's XY outfit and the logo for the series.
    Same here. The 4Kids VAs were definitely better, IMO, and I've watched the dub for all 16 seasons.

    So, I had 8 years with 4Kids.
    Now, I've had 8 years with TPCi.

    I have to say, I prefer 4Kids...they messed up a lot of shows, but Pokémon was definitely not one of them. Sure, they did some stupid crappy errors and the Americanization did bug me sometimes, but they had some great script writers, dub BGM, and intros to compensate for that. Add to that the wonderful 4Kids voice cast spearheaded by Veronica Taylor and you've got an amazing series to watch. :)

    In its defense, I'll say that the TPCi dub has improved to the point where it's at least tolerable at worst, but sadly it's unable to recreate those same feelings of wonder and immersing yourself in the series I used to get with the 4Kids dub. It's a good dub, but it's just not the same. XD.
    Good! Thanks. :)

    You can really thank the English dub for my poor view of the DP Series...oof. I don't know whether it was because of Sarah Natochenny and co. or not that I ended up hating most of that saga, but...yeah. If the old VAs dubbed it, it might've ended up one of my favorite series. *sigh*
    Hey man! Have you missed Eric Stuart's Brock by any chance over the years?

    Good news: he appeared in a spoof on Youtube called "Teenage Pokémon" if you're interested, and reprised the role of Brock! :D
    I know that feeling, man. This is my last series unless X and Y starts afresh with no Ash, no TRio, no older chars. I think the anime has run its course tbh, but I'm okay with BW only because I get some laughs and I do enjoy it sometimes. For the most part though, yes, this has signaled a downfall for the series in many older fans eyes. I also 100% share your sentiment on the dub VA change-- just. freaking. terrible. I know how painful it can be-- it took me 5 years to get used to these voices, and I really don't prefer them, either. It's just been a nightmare for me to say the least on that issue. XD.

    At first I was kinda happy with BW, as it kinda gave me the fresh feeling the OS did at first. However, like you've said, a lot of those things have ruined it for me. It is very sad that will probably be his greatest achievement.
    Phew. I never would've guessed just how dramatic the turns I took in the last few months of 2011 up until now would be, and even now, I sense that they're continuing. Are you doing well at this moment, old friend?
    Oh, BTW, if any1, I MEAN ANY1, will please go to the entralink with me, I'd be very graeful :3. I need my Gallade!! Oh, and magnemite, slakoth, rhyhorn,happiny, etc.
    My title is a lie. Well, I just joined serebii, like, just now. So a nub, I am not.
    -Seen:367- -Obtained:201- -Have:Blue, Gold, Diamond, Pearl, SoulSilver, and now White.- -hours in White:Exactly 120 hours- -Started: 3/7/2011-
    You ask: Why am I looking at this? It's all a part of being human. Or pokemonish :]
    Hello? Oh, It's just a random person. Yeah. Hey. Wanna be friends? I saw that you're still early in the game, White, and I thougt I could help. If not, then my Dragonite, Hydreigon, Serperior, Chandelure, Crobat, and Mamoswine could battle you. Call me needy, but i'm just plain bored from filling out my pokedex.
    Well, that might work just fine. The anime program now coming to my attention feels refreshingly calm compared to When the Cicadas Cry, which I would happily welcome, perhaps even more so given the earthquake that shook Japan almost a month ago. Are you and your friends doing well in the United Kingdom thus far, old friend?
    I understand. My private message is three or four paragraphs long, with a picture included, so I'll ask you to bear with me on it. Maybe that's just me.
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