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    I was actually thinking just yesterday that you hadn't been on here for a while lol.
    (chuckling wryly) Judging from the responses I've been getting, I'd say that you're not alone in expressing that sentiment. You can thank that new Japanese cartoon I've found myself studying because it ended up reverberating through all of my other fictional interests, including that other anime I mentioned a few months ago, and putting my overall perception(s) of my experience with Pokémon -- including Pearlshipping, Advanceshipping, Pokéshipping, and maybe even Negaishipping, to include a more recent factor -- in a new light. Would you mind if I private messaged you about it?
    Greetings once more, old friend. It would appear that current events have developed quite a talent for getting my attention just as I'm in the middle of studying a Japanese cartoon dealing with a set of specific issues... that may find even greater significance in those very same events. If it helps, I think my support for Pearlshipping has now become second nature, enabling me to track some other couples that I've come to consider to be similar to Ash and Dawn. Are you doing well so far across the pond, if I may ask?
    It's amazing that the thread is still fairly active though. Personally, I've never been interested in discussions about Misty and Ash's honeymoon, marriage, children and all that stuff...so I stay away from those. lol
    You're right, :) now and then, digging up those old Kanto episodes really does wonders. A huge dose of nostalgia...plus those (although few) hints that are undeniable. ;)
    Aww...thanks. :D *blush*

    Yeah, many old posters from the old thread have also left for one reason or another. But at least you're still around the forum, albeit in other topics. :D
    I don't really post in the Pokeshipping thread either but I check it now and then...hoping to get some new news. But alas, it's been the same for years. lol
    You can trade with another DS that has HG or SS, or even Diamond, Pearl or Platinum as early in the game as Cherrygrove once you've caught a couple of Pokemon. Just go to the top level of a Pokemon Centre on both games/DS's and talk to one of the nurses up there (I think you use the Union Room for trades). It's pretty easy from there.
    Aha. Greetings once more. Hopefully, things are still holding up well on your side of the pond. The question you raised may have taken on an odd significance in light of the mental odyssey I referred to in my post in the Pearlshipping thread here last night, especially in light of a strange, to put it mildly, Japanese cartoon/video game that ended up... reorienting my current interests, perhaps symbolized by my other favorite television programs.
    In your signature, where are you getting the pictures from? I got mine from PE2K.com, but they don't have the sprites for HG/SS yet.
    Greetings once more, old friend. It looks like David Cameron is in the middle of a stalemate after yesterday's apparent "hung parliament", if that's the right phrase. I'm hearing speculation about another general election if Cameron fails to organize a workable government, but for now, things seem quiet in my corner of the world. How about you?
    I understand. David Cameron's defense of strength and confidence in British foreign policy, especially centered around human freedom, I found notable, but I'll have to admit to feeling a rather large anime-style sweatdrop at the back of my head when Gordon Brown called Gillian Duffy a "bigoted woman" earlier today. Quite a few people are now speculating that "Bigotgate" could very well cost Brown the election, and I have a strange feeling that many on my side of the pond are having a field day with this gaffe. Personally speaking, I couldn't help thinking back to Brown's claim that he "saved the world" -- in front of the House of Commons, no less -- after that financial freefall in late 2008, so consequently, this was not a good day for the Labor Party.
    Hmm... Well, that might work. I sense some buzz about this Pokémon Black and White leading up to this weekend, alongside the conclusion of the Spear Pillar showdown, at least in the United States. Then again, I think a certain election face-off between Gordon Brown and David Cameron is more likely to catch my attention in the next few weeks. Are you doing well across the pond?
    Progress? Now that you mention it, I think events picked up speed for me in the past few days. I veered eastward from Ecruteak City toward Mahogany Town and defeated Pryce there last Saturday, then got in some extra training between my other usual activities before facing off against Chuck and Jasmine yesterday. Today proved even more interesting because I was able to have my Cyndaquil copy moves used by Ash and Dawn's Cyndaquil. If that wasn't enough, then while the battle caused my starter Pokémon to evolve into a Quilava was against a Team Rocket Grunt, the battle that caused my new Quilava to evolve into a Typhlosion was against Rocket Executive Ariana. I was left to take the nearby elevator, listen to Archer's statements about bringing back this group of troublemakers, and finally take him down, thus clearing Team Rocket out of Goldenrod City's Radio Tower -- and Johto. I think Ash and Dawn would welcome such a development if they were to experience it down the road, which leaves me to reflect once more on my current interest in Pokémon in particular and anime in general. How about you?
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