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  • hey there ! i just read that you were searching for a dream world bulbasaur and that you have no problem if it were hacked . Well i dont actually have one , but if you want one you can just go to http://pokegts.us/pkmbw.php ( i hope i dont get banned for this lol ) . You can create your own hacked pokemon and get it from the GTS , it's all explained there . Hope i helped ! :)
    Okay. Still online? And I need your code, and you'll need mine. Once I get my wi-fi on, I won't be able to reach anyone, due to an extremely slow connection. Got an email?
    Would you take a female? I released all the males... If you give me a mo' I can breed you a male! I can probably give you any combo of female Eevee, ie: Careful Nature, Likes to run.
    I actually need a bulbasaur.... Hey, would you know how to SR for a shiny starter in HG/SS, would you?
    Hey man? Wasup? Wanna join a friendly clan? I just got in and it's a nice spot to just chat with friends, I would like to see ya in it.
    Ah ya I am lightly SR'ing maybe every morning I do 50 or so lol. It's alot of work even with that but with the starters you get a 1/3 shot! So it's good to do in HG. That's the only game that allows it.
    Yeah just did it today. I had debated on it and thought I could keep going but really I was going nuts. After 1500 eggs I felt like I was wasting my time and pursued. Then I realized it's just not in the cards for me this time around -__-;

    So I am lightly doing the SR here and there, but now my objective is to run into a RE while playing over with my gf. Got my spare copy ready to go so I can hold her and my Pokemon as we restart.
    Thanks and grats on the DW Krabby you will be kicking *** once you make a shine out of it!
    Okay as far as I know the entree pass power or whatever it's called is obtainable by raising your white or black level from using entralink. You need to look on my page a player described everything to me. I am still unsure of how it works though.
    Otherwise I usually have my white file give me the power for 30 minutes or something like that, it seems to help a bit but I think the hatching power with PP is better... Goodluck man I know you're pain.
    Ah man no luck yet I am really tempted to switch over to HG and start SR'ing for a shiny starter to rekindle my hopes of ever getting a shiny Zangoose. I stepped up my hatching by using egg hatching pass power. Still.. nothing.. Near 2000
    I got to say I love Kingler ever since the amazing fight in the Pokemon Tournament back in the old days when he evolved it was sooo good. Well hopefully it will be close between the two of us. You're at 500 or so right?
    But yeah a shiny 1st gen starter is always a good gloating prize!
    Ah great choice on a first MM! Charmander was mine actually! It was such a rush when I got him , no other feeling like it. Waiting to get Zangoose now and expecting the same rush lol
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