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  • I appreciate your comment ^^

    Naw..i have quite a busy life, i dont have time for a Graphic shop xD

    Do you own a graphic shop here?
    Yeah ofcourse, i wonder why peeps ask that lol. (Your not the first one)
    I gave no one credit in my signature right :p.
    Hey I was wondering would i be able to work at your shop? I don't have enough tiem to run my own but i'd like to continue improving my graphics. Also may i ask, where do you get your neon textures from (like the lights on your avatar)
    Can you acknowledge my request on your shop pls?
    Since you are online ,I am asking you this.You can take as much time as you want to finish the pose.(till may 29th,as thats when I finally get SS).
    Alriight, thanks :) The reason I was asking was because I wanted something done, but I managed to do some weird editing skills and it worked out :p I'll keep in mind that you will do requests though. Thanks and good luck with your new computer ^^
    Hey. Long time no talk. :)

    I noticed that your request shop is still open, but the last post was in December. Are you still open for requests?
    Hiya, blazingfury, dunno if you remember me though, haven't been to the forums for a while now. But you made some cool banners for me in the past, and I was wondering if you are still willing to take requests?
    Hey BlazingFury, i've been working hard on making banners. I was wondering if you could maybe give me a couple of tips?

    Thanks for the opinion mangaeyes =] I may mess around with it and change it back. I changed it because I couldn't get the colour balance right or the font the first time round. I'm one of those people who just isn't good with text at all lol
    I know this probably doesn't mean much coming from me but I saw your sig this morning with the one line of text underneath and I really loved it and I saw it a few seconds ago with much more text now purply in colour and I really don't like it ):

    Just saying that in my personal opinion you had it great first time I really liked it! Hope it makes a return ^_^
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