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    (If none of the shells at the start break the wall
    I think that part is skip-able. I didn't know this at first, but I think my friend just jumped over it.

    as well as if someone falls into the pits with enemies in them and kills all the enemies).
    I probably shouldn't have filled that one pit with goombas, at least with the koopa troopas, there was (mostly) a way to SD if you got stuck.

    Besides, all that, I had minimal resources to make that one, and I'm off to make better ones. I don't know why, but I'm still on the daily system even after that update.

    Stay tuned!
    BTW, my last requests do not ask for pictures, I just wanted to have an overall description.

    I'm wondering if the Mewtwo Kirby hat maintained it's Melee properties.
    How do you think the Wii U is doing in your honest opinion, and what do you think it can do to improve?
    Tell you what then, I'll give you one keep-sake, and then I flood you with Pokemon you can do whatever with. Does that sound okay?
    I'm being sort of serious, since, it's better to trade them to someone then to dispose of the data. Plus getting, say, a Magikarp in return allows you to release it and have more space.
    We don't necessarily have to trade, but if you want, I could trade you useless Pokemon, so you don't have to throw useful ones away. :3
    I got my Mega Man Robot Master Field Guide a while back.

    Is there any worthwhile trade you would like make in Pokemon?
    Can't wait for my Mega Man Robot Master Field Guide. Maybe I'll get it tomorrow.

    Speaking of tomorrow, we get are first taste of Smash bros on the year its supposed to release.
    At least Techno Blast doesn't suffer from "there is a much better alternative move" syndrome. I wish the same was for Land's Wrath, cause I really do like the idea behind it.

    You can't really fix what has already been done, but you can prevent it from getting "worse". Maybe they can program a trade restriction.
    Yeah, I saw the thing on Whimsicott on Smogon.

    The hack check could improve.

    I'm glad that Techno Blast doesn't have to be outdone three out of four times by superior moves.
    Do you have X or Y?

    Do you have any wishes on movesets for the transfer only Pokes? I'm hoping Whimsicott can learn Moonblast without Cottonee needing to learn it.
    What do you think about Rosalina in Smash Bros. (given the fact that the beginning was a fakeout)?
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