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  • I really meant Combo Blade more than Combo Magic.

    Anyway, I Streetpass a person from Gamestop, and I set Invigorating and I had a D. Green spellcaster, and her. I would have had a great set-up (though Invigorating would be gone) for Ultimate Ghost, but she missed the last attack, leaving that armored fiend with about 2 HP. :(

    Lesson learned, leave freezing to opponents that can do more damage.
    I read from somewhere that the combo blade (or magic) requiring complementary colors may not be exclusive to just six sets, as I have read something along the lines of Purple + Red and Purple + Blue. For now on, let's see if similar colors have any effect.
    What is the exact nature of Double Pink? I'm curious.

    IGN has mentioned Pink + Red and L. Blue + D. Blue, but hasn't specifically said what they do.
    I guess this is what we came up with:

    2 Yellow- Clear Poisonous Room
    2 Blue- Clear Fire Room
    2 Brown- Stronger Summon
    2 D. Green- Bigger Partner level up

    Also, we have the color combonations:
    Black + White- Break Shadowlight Shield
    Pink + Red
    L. Blue + D. Blue

    If you can find out the double magic spells and the common color combinations over time, that would be great.
    F-Zero GX takes care of all my F-Zero needs.

    I realized that I was misinformed and that it is really Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones that was coming out. The website I checked said Fire Emblem: which made me believe it was Rekka no Ken/The Blazing Sword/7. Terribly sorry about that. All I really have to do with my GBA copy of Sacred Stones is to get the small amount of artwork in PoR.

    Also, I don't think I ever had my own file of WarioWare Inc GBA, except for its Gamecube incarnation, which was also good. I did like the story scenarios in the original, so that's why I wanted it.
    Interesting, although I though Black and White break shadowlight shields. Do you know if my list of similar colors would be correct?

    Also, I just saw the GBA game list; I think I'll get Yoshi's Island, Kirby & the Amazing Mirror, WarioWare Inc., and maybe Wario Land 4 and Metroid Fusion (though I have those later two on GBA). I liked Fire Emblem 7 more as a GBA connect game if you know what I mean.
    Well, Arceus won, but I guess on the positive side, nothing horribly spam voted from 4chan won. :/

    Any progress on the experiment?
    From what little there is on the IGN faq (I know, but stick with me), I think every color can work with itself (i.e. Brown + Brown) and I developed a theory of complementary colors. IGN has shown...

    Red + Pink
    Light Blue + Dark Blue
    Black + White

    I think the rest may be...

    Yellow + Orange
    Light Green + Dark Green
    Purple + Brown (since they seem to be leftover)

    Can you test this theory some time?
    Two questions about find Mii II.

    Is there a combination for every pair of Mii color magic?
    What are the known ones so far?
    Would you happen to know?
    I liked Double Dash a lot since the characters actually made a difference and you had to pick a character and consider them for their special item.
    Other than frogs, my favorite enemy characters are Boos and Piranha Plants, and hey, King Boo and Petey Piranha are friends. I love those two.
    Aw, I thought you would be impressed. *Kicks feet dejectedly*
    I used Rosalina + B Dasher + Mushroom Tires + Flower Glider.

    BTW, Wiggler is good to play with because he gets mad when you do.
    Sometimes I hate it when I extremely fortuitous. I fell on that jump way on the pipe circuit (the one with the piranha plants and the water). Then, when I got up, lightning strikes, and I'm unaffected to the first place finish line. I need to stop being so picky how I win.
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