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  • I did contact Pokemon.com about the voting issue, and they told me that they may or may not be able to fix it.

    If they cannot fix the issue, then I can be satisfied that I tried.
    You expected hippocampus cnidarians to be interesting?

    Can you say anything about their personalities or mannerisms?
    Hey Blazios, could I ask you about a certain race in Hyrule? I hope I didn't spoil too much for BCVM22.
    Well, I should be able to pick Skyward Sword up today. When I get to play it is what I'm unsure about.

    I didn't think the story in Sonic 06 was totally bad. I did like the idea of Mephiles and Iblis being the two halves of an attempt to create a superior being.
    Eh darn it, I didn't get my copy of Skyward Sword today. I was kind of exhausted, and I'm not in a good position to play it. It sucks that it past my mind, and I'm a little worried about my preorder bonuses.

    I guess I'll wait until Monday to get it.
    I'm just trying to think of anything that makes me feel better. :/ What I thought of at least makes some sense. Right? RIGHT?

    BTW, I went to Rugged Mountain once, after going to the Mansion about 4 times, and I didn't even get a good candidate yet. I have Pinap and Wepear berries growing, but that's it. I didn't even get to the Rugged Mountain the second time I went after its release, and its not like I can go to Dream World everyday.
    I thought of a different explanation for the Blaze split in the Sonic timeline. Don't worry, it doesn't involve made up characters or fan fictions this time. What if Solaris (or Iblis, the half form of Solaris) messed with dimensions and brought Blaze and Eggman Nega to the future without clear memories of who they were. Then, when the timeline got erased, Eggman Nega, remained in another dimension and in the future, due to the imperfect mending of the time paradox. The future Eggman Nega, without clear memory, assumed he was a descendant of Eggman, and thus Rivals kicks in.
    I think PETA was really trying to cover their behinds when they said the "Mario kills Tanookis" was a joke. They must have realize that after putting down the stupid propaganda, the propaganda itself would attract controversy. Great PETA, now if only you did that 2,000 times earlier.
    Well noted, Water Absorb does heal Lanturn if you used it earlier, and would naturally be able to either take down the Water type or feed a status condition to the switched Pokemon. I'm not saying its as good as Volt Absorb, but you could make a viable strategy with it.
    I can't say that I agree with the spam voting. I hope Pokemon.com fixes the problem.

    Also, I wanted to tell you the potential in using Water Absorb Lanturn. Although it can't resist BoltBeam, it can switch into Water types and kill them. With Politoed, you could use Thunder. Think the opponent is going to switch, how about using Thunder Wave to slow the sent out Pokemon down. It can also heal with Surf.
    I really think that Magikarp got its place through spam voting. I don't think it was removed.

    Unless, I am not getting what you are saying.

    Anyway, I did the second best thing I could and called Nintendo and had them forward my concern to Pokemon.com. I might use the Pokemon support page later on. Maybe if lots of people complained, we can get the issue through.
    Magikarp and Mudkip in the top 10? It's like somebody invited 4chan to spam vote.

    I'll be an non-Magikarp first and an anti-Arcean second.

    I'm wondering whether the whistle-blowing against aggrigate spam votes should be more pronounced as a problem. I am very suspicious of Magikarp's placing from 46th to 6th. The movement from 40 places doesn't sound feasible.
    I believe they were the ones doing the "naked bull riots". Seriously, if there was a guy in a business suit and another one wearing no clothes, and they both wanted to talk to me about animal cruelty, I would be more inclined to listen to the guy in the business suit.

    Yeah, idiots.
    Grabbing leaves with special powers = Sending message to kids that its okay to kill

    Needless to say, the group doesn't deduce logically, and they give heck for moderate animal right advocates who try hard to have a good reputation.
    Darn, I missed class today. My mom was sick. I need to be able to go to my American Literature class tomorrow for a speech.

    I guess we'll see about Ditto being in the Rugged Mountain, but wait, what if they released a new laboratory place? </joke>

    Are you doing okay?
    Hmm, I only wonder how they're sure that the mini-games aren't gender split. I don't think there were any in Spooky Manor, but anyway...

    I guess I just didn't look at IGN's info bank. I may have to look at it with more scrutiny.
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