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  • I know that, but how do they know the corresponding mini-games, and the Superpower Spinda?
    Wait, how did Bulbapedia get this much information about the Rugged Mountain? Did I miss something?
    How to win the Battle Subway.

    1. Get three Pokemon of the following: Blaziken, Exadrill, Thundurus, and Garchomp.
    2. Enter the Battle Subway.
    3. ?????
    4. Profit
    Metagame, lol!

    Although Smogon is an interesting site, and kudos to them for using German (like I did in Dream World).
    Oh, sorry. I just love Croagunk. I don't think we got Mamoswine yet, unless I'm mistaken.

    Hey, I care about them! I love insects, especially moths.

    And they are already attacking each other. Maybe not with blunt instruments, although it would be nice for a Super Serebiiforums Brawl to come out.
    I'm going to get my Dream World Croagunk Saturday. I know Poison Jab is inferior to Dry Skin, but I just love Croagunk. Any excuse to have another one is great.

    I guess the only thing we really missed from the Cafe was Eevee (esp. female).

    Also, I wished people would not try to attack one another in the Vote to Befriend a Pokemon Discussion. Surely, we can (theoretically) be civil about this.
    The one major thing that makes me doubt that Ditto will be on Rugged Mountain is since he has one move, you have zero incentive to do well in the mini-games.
    Let's just say I'm not a firm believer in polarizing sets. Unless, one stat is higher enough than another stat where it would be a bad idea to use the lesser stat (i.e. Heracross, Alakazam, Jolteon).
    Well noted. I'm just going to put on a happy face no matter what we get. Even if I'm crying inside.

    Don't you dis those moves man. Roar of Time had major destructive power, and Shadow Force, has, trickery options and a pairing with Wobbuffet. :p

    I agree that Ditto would be the best choice, but as the precarious person that I am, I would like to wait until the Rugged Mountain, then I'll become a pro-Ditto politician. Anybody but Rick Perry.
    You know, even though I said otherwise earlier, I would be okay with Arceus winning. Arceus may not have a DW ability, but at least we get something rare.

    BTW, not saying you have to, but I'm going to wait for the Rugged Mountain area to come up before I go all pro-Ditto on people.
    Well, even though Ditto became a internet craze to vote for, there is still some people that will vote for the Pokemon that sounds the best. Let's not forget the kids that will vote for what sounds the coolest. Lugia would be the best non-Ditto candidate. Maybe we should think of a back up political campaign. :p

    Also, I don't want Arceus or Rayquaza; I want something distinct. Though Arceus has a fair chance of winning.
    Oh well, I guess I won't have really any regret for voting for Ditto (just like having no regret getting a 3DS before price drop).

    If Ditto was released at Rugged Mountain, and you did have a chance to vote for another Pokemon (and it couldn't be Ditto), what would you pick? Actually, Multi-scale Lugia wouldn't be half bad.
    Rugged Mountain? That's odd, I was thinking of a cave place for the various Rock types. Man, does my life always have to be at a stand still?

    Har har!
    Let's just say Abomasnow isn't a sound decision.

    I wish those Ditto powders worked in the transformed state. Although, that could be a tad bit broken.
    I do understand that, believe me. I do want Ditto to actually win, but I'm open for other possibilities. Heck, anything better than Soundproof Abomasnow. If it's Soundproof, how can it effectively use Avalanche?
    Actually Blazios, I have to be honest of one thing.

    I wouldn't mind if a worthy Pokemon like Lugia won. As much as I really want a Infiltrator Seviper and call him Solid, I thought about vote allocation and went with Ditto, since he does have a chance. I just hope that we get a Pokemon with an exclusive hidden ability that hasn't already been released. (Rayquaza has no hidden ability, Politoed has already been released, and Abomasnow's hidden ability sucks). Even if we don't get that, I guess I won't terribly mind a Deoxys. I still want Ditto to win, but I wouldn't mind good alternatives.
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