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  • I got my Ranch to 700 Pokemon!

    I should get the next Hayley trade soon; then, I have 2 more and then Mew.

    How have you been doing? I've been doing fine.
    I was thinking this could be a game. Silver would go to the past, then go to another dimension, and find the real Blaze. Then, the Eggman Nega of the future could come and trick Dr. Eggman into believe he is the deminsional counterpart. After Eggman gets captured, Eggman Nega (future) goes in odds with his original counterpart. It would make an interesting game.
    Well, there was that one thing about rescuing people to reduce people spaces.

    I also plotted down there movement of the soldiers to see what would be a sensible place to go with my army.

    I really want to do this chapter without looking up exactly what precise movements I can use. If possible, I would like to see if I can get the information I need, without it being spelled out completely, on how to do the level stealth-wise.
    Thank you for the walkthrough, but I actually wanted to do it without knowing what to do turn by turn. I heard it was difficult, but I could try. What I have been doing was rescuing the characters for less spaces. I also had (I need to make another one) a list of directions the soldiers are going. If you can give me general advice, though, that would be highly appreciated.
    Do you watch much theatre in Great Britain?

    I just watched a play called Charley's Aunt at my college. It was a pretty good play. I actually took theatre classes before.
    Darn it, I want my Spiritomb. Maybe I'll get one this weekend. You have to remember, I don't have daily access to Dream World. I go to my friend's place.

    Actually, I did play it before, but I set it aside to play other games. I just randomly picked it up, and I decided I enjoyed it enough to play it a while.
    I settled for a Stunky this time even though its ability kind of sucks. Keen Eye, yeah. At least Mud Slap wouldn't be a problem. :D I want my Spiritomb.

    I'm starting to wonder, do certain Pokemon only appear in the branches of the trees. It's just a thought, but it maybe a possibility.

    Oh yeah, and I'm having a blast at Super Mario Galaxy 2, though I haven't completed World 3 yet, I did complete 5 out of 7 Galaxies in World 2 which may mean that I just haven't gotten the prankster comets for the other 2.
    Hey Blazios, I got my Dream World Banette. It is Naughty, but has a very low Attack IV. At least the Attack stat is higher than it usually is, so I kept it. I also kept a Bronzor in the spirit (get it?) of Spooky Manor. For some reason, I settled with a Bashful one, but with merits in Attack (Heavy Slam!) and Defense. I guess I was in a non-picky mood yesterday. :/
    How did Fennel prevent you from seeing Spooky Manor, if I may ask?

    BTW, World Religion class went better today. I don't have school for the rest of the week.
    Blazios, you said that Fennel's tutorials might have prevented you from Spooky Manor.

    Do you get Fennel's tutorials if you used another computer and got them then, then you use the computer you have been using?
    Hey Blazios, how are you doing? I got to Dream World on my own computer. Too bad it lags and boots me off. Sigh, I can never have it right.

    I'm excited for Spooky Manor. My life feels like its on a stand still. The 28th needs to come more quickly.
    Blazios, if I may post to you some of what I post to R. New.

    Today, we had World Religion class, and we seemed to pass the first hurdle. People can actually read this time! However, I think we have yet to pass the second hurdle. We are studying Islam and damn it, can we get on with the lesson? Many people are like, "Well the Qur'an can't be true because we Christians believe in this. Hurp derp!" I want the class to get over this, so that we can get pass this overbearing hurdle.
    I was noticing you looking at that, so I became nosy and looked at it.

    I may need to download Google Chrome, according to OP. That is unless you know any remedies. Do you know a way to manage the file extension?
    I caught a... pretty mediocre Heatran. Most of its stats are average. Yeah, if I want to use Heatran, I'll use my Guardian Signs one.

    I think I'll visit Dream World. That is if I can get in reach of my friend.
    Sorry about your ear infection. I had ear surgery near my infancy.

    Anyway, just to tell you, I lost someone in my family Tuesday. I'm going to move on from this point.

    Thought about playing FE: Path of Radiance again. First, I plan to capture Heatran from Pokemon Pearl (yes, I haven't actually gotten around to that yet).
    I actually seen a Metroid forum using the joke in my sig, but that was after the fact.

    I'm desperate for friend credits; there are so many limitations on them. I also don't have a wireless service that will let you put on a WEP key, so the device may be defective.

    I'm really getting into Corruption. It's a very interesting game. What are your favorite Metroid games? I honestly think I like Fusion and Zero Mission the most.
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