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  • Aw, grah. You got your Lugia faster than mine, darn. =/
    I've been dual sring for it on my two ds and two game SS/Jp HG.
    3, 500 sr so far. For Jap HG I basically continue my last Lugia hunt 6,300 sr.
    So it's been like almost 10, 000 sr but no sign of the pink yet. Grrr...
    You're so lucky. Super congrats on your both legendaries! And you Suicune has better iv's than mine.

    Did you sr for the starters? I luckily completed the three johto starters.
    Chicko on jap HG, Toto on HG and Cynda on SS.

    Lati@s are also my next main hunts. If I can get one faster I'm planning to to restart and get another enigma too.

    I also focus on playing/completing the game. After Lugia, Im gonna go for Kyogre/Groudon.

    Good luck to both of us. Glad that you're back in the hunt!^^
    Hey... Are you going sr for Johto shiny starters too? I wonder.

    I'd like to hunt for the birds too, but after I get shiny Lugia and extremespeed dratini which both I've given a try: 6300sr n 4000 sr but no luck yet.

    Good luck to both of us.
    Congratulations on your shiny Azelf. I knew you're going to get it.

    I'd like to hunt Cresselia in the future too, but I mistakenly released the 3 birds, so its kinda annoying.
    ok last annoying question. are you sure that if i make giratina faint in distortion world i would still be able to soft reset for a shiny one? you know how if you see the legendary runners their stats get locked in after the first encounter.
    hey no need to be sorry. i have a shiny geodude that was the very first shiny i ever caught that i will never part with nor evolve because of the sentimental value....what do you mean by stupid mistakes?
    well i have been soft resetting for a shiny giratina now for a really long time so i havent chained in a while and i am anxious to get back to it. but i really want that giratina. what would you want for that beldum?
    yeah i figured that. i cant believe you were able to get so many. that is truly impressive. i tried chaining dittos and got up to 25 and it broke. i cried a little. lol
    hey would you be willing to part with one of those shiny beldums? i dont have much to offer but metagross has been one of my alltime favorite pokemon and i love the shiny look of it
    truth. which SR target will be yours first?
    in other news i was watching a youtube video of someone catching shiny zapdos and he used all the things i usually do. like i traded my XD zapdos so i could use repeat balls :/ so did he. he did a little thumbs up after it got caught, which i did in my rayquaza video, that i still cant figure out how to put on youtube, and he catches 4th gen pokemon in heal balls, which i always do, for the redundance of the shininess
    dont rush fire red... :(
    lol but i cant wait till i can stop SRing for zapdos, i would like to move on to articuno soon... but ultimately i cant wait until i get them all because then i can start doing random encounters or gamecorner, i smell a very shiny 3rd gen 2010...
    thanks. im glad i got all that luck in like a week but i have a feeling that i wont get any more now. what i did today was see how i fit on the luck meter, and i got a shinx chain to 40 and spent 2 hours resetting it with no luck, but i didnt want any anyway so i just quit and went back to zapdos. it might be superstition but i think that all that resetting for shinx will theoretically improve my chances at an earlier zapdos...
    yesterday, i had to bring ruby to school to show my friends, and then i slept over my friends house. i wanted to SR zapdos but all i had was ruby so i decided to get my first random encounter shiny, a duskull or a vulpix, i saved then i biked into the patch and the very first thing that showed up was this sparkling red duskull. tossed a repeat ball off the bat and its mine. its unfortunately naive but whatever, its shiny...
    lol, i did SRs for shiny charmander when i read an article about shinies (i thought all my GSC shinies were cool but i never thought it was weird enough to research) but i got bored and mad at myself for saving over my first file. thanks again for the congrats's
    i always choose charmander, who could pass up on a free suicune? also, the rayquaza came in 7 SR if you dont count the zapdos ones....
    i was searching for zapdos while talking to my friend on the phone, but he had to go. so i decided to crack open my ruby so i can SR for that at the same time... SHINY RAYQUAZA! careful nature, decent... gonna trade it to fire red but i couldnt have done it without ur good luck!
    I'm intrested in Perfect Iv dittos

    at least one perfect IV, Looking for Satk, and Speed, their natures should be timid or modest.

    If you have any Pm me plz
    LoL, at least you succeded, congratz!. That's the challenging thing about chaining, especially in weather areas.

    My longest first shiny took me almost 2 hours! (Pachirisu)

    As a chainer, we all know that there are two annoying things to struggle w/ for chaining method. First to get to 40, and to get the first shiny patch appears. XD

    You have levelled up
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