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  • [Thank you Angel for sharing those! You know, I actually stumbled upon that user's Youtube before, or you sent me the link in the past? Because their channel seems really familiar. But, the effects are quite simple, I thought they were advanced. Though, I think I'm only going to add those type of effects when I'm doing AMVs for girls, like Sakura and Misty.
    -By the way, did I show you my Android #18 - Out Alive AMV? I think it's really good, but I actually made that AMV the after I heard Out Alive, so I wasn't too familiar with the beat, so I couldn't do flashing effects to match it when the chorus came in.
    -And soon in my Photoshop class at school, everyone is going to have to do a presentation of our future career, I want to show a part of one of my videos at the end of my presentation, of all of my present videos, which do you think I should show? I'm going to make more before then, but if I can't make the deadline, I want to use the ones I have now. I'm gonna use like 30 seconds to a minute probably, but I might use the YuBo AMV, but I'll remake it with SV to make it better. I don't want to use any Japanese songs, nor songs by people like Ke$ha, so I'm in a bind, so I can't use most of my #18 videos. (>.<)]
    [Yeah, they truly would have been great together. I remember when I was re-watching the show for the first, I read someone's post on a forum saying Kagome is better than Kikyo because Kagome loved InuYasha whether he was demon or human and didn't want to change him. I got pressed after seeing it and would have gave that person a piece of my mind. If I find it, I'll show you it. But, wasn't Kikyo's soul taken to the afterlife after she died in Final Act?
    -The image is gorgeous. I love how Kikyo was such a huge threat to Naraku, I believe he only feared her and maybe Sesshomaru, but Naraku was very cocky, so if he feared Kikyo, you know she could tear some s*it up!

    Hey Angel. Tell me how this intro I made looks. It took me awhile to me it, sadly it's quite short, but I think it's good.
    -But I need your help. Whenever you get the time, can you link me some Sony Vegas effect tutorials or any type of tutorial that you think I might need. I was talking to my best friend and he told me that I can do a lot better in Sony Vegas, we talking about out progression in Sony Vegas and Photoshop, I agree with him because I've only been matching the clips with the song. Now I want to focus on effects. Thanks Angel!]
    Yeah, I did as well. During the filler arc, when the Oración Seis returned, Lyon had confessed his love for Juvia and she got flustered, so right then and there, I was like "better than GrayJu". But GrayJu gives me the NaruHina feeling. Which I dislike a bit to be honest, but Juvia's my fav, so it clashes with each other. (>.<)

    Lmao I know right? But Erza's a warrior, so I doubt she cared. She probably forced them since Natsu and Gray were kind of scared of her.

    Okay, I'll look around, though it might be awhile until I find it because I really don't know how to search for the torrent without typing "Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods extended 20 minutes" which only gives me discussions. But, I'll find it eventually . LOL

    So I take it that they're your favorite ship of the show, well I'm not surprised. I enjoy the ship as well because it was really interesting. Nagisa gave me the Keiko feeling because of her hair, but she was more tolerable than The Ratchet. I do wish hat the YuBo dream was fleshed out like the Tomoya and Tomoyo OVA, I think it could have been handled amazingly. But that's surprising, it should have been animated.

    That is true. I preferred the Tomoyo one more, even though Kyou is my favorite of the show. I do wonder why both twins had to like Tomoya though, it was kind of overkill because it seemed like everyone and their mother wanted him. But I agree with what you said, they should have had their own series. I like how very few episodes a different girl is focused on.
    I love when Juvia calls Lucy her love rival, she slays. I believe her comic relief was another reason why she became my favorite, though it kind of got bad because she didn't battle much and when she did (Grand Mage Games) she lost, because of comic relief. ._.
    -They all have. LOL Erza's perfectly fine with it because they bathed together when they were younger, but I think Lucy will ever be comfortable naked around Gray and Natsu. LML

    She really did though. LOL

    She looked nice in that. Though it reminds me, I'm not sure who I'm liking more now, Mirajane or Erza. They're both deadly beauties!

    I actually haven't. I've heard about it, it was released like two days ago, right? I think in about a few more days someone will have posted it, then it'll be over the internet. If I see, I'll send it over to you.

    Dying! To be honest. I'm reading the manga of YuYu and Naruto, Keiko seems to serve hardly any purpose!

    And I finished watching both seasons of Clannad. And now I actually don't have a favorite ship. IF I were to choose, then it would probably be Tomoya and Tomoyo or Tomoya and Kyou. It was because of the OVAs, speaking of which, the Tomoyo one reminded me of the dream Yusuke had. Like the writers were poking at their relationship for the fans to ship them even more. But, the show is very depressing, I was a bit torn when Nagisa died, but gladly she really didn't, or the different world Nagisa lived. Tomoya's frustration was a bit annoying, how he lashed out at a few people got me a little pressed, but it's understandable since he missed Nagisa.
    [Well, when Lucy fought Angel, Gemini said that Gray's a little interested in Lucy and when she was naked in front of him and Natsu, he was thankful for his habit of stripping. LO;

    Pretty much how I feel. And when Sango realized that Kikyo had been protecting all of them for some time.

    That's what I thought when I first heard of Lisanna. It reminded me of it and Lol, I realized that, I was like "this is some bull". But, I'm glad Lucy brings laughs and whatnot unlike Kagome did. xD

    Well, it's hard to say. I like both of them to be honest, but Juvia might come to the top because of my love of water, but I don't really ship GrayJu, because it reminds me of NaruHina. But, it's growing on me a little, still not one I would prefer though, but then Erza is my next favorite, because she's like a combination of Vegeta and #18, and finally Lucy, she's my Sakura of Fairy Tail. I even made this for them.
    [That daydream slayed by the way. I died. xD

    Whenever she's around, you know some s*it's about to go down or she's been kind to the villagers she's come across. She should have been.

    LOL Yup. Black and blue and pink and yellow. :)

    LML It's KK. NaLi reminds me of InuKik to be honest. Girl 'dies' and has a hard time getting over her and a new girl appears, even though she really didn't die. I got the feels from it though.

    LMAO I haven't been there for ages. I stumbled across it last year while looking for some forums and haven't been back since. LOL]
    [The Majestic Queen, Kikyo!

    Juvia got me in her imagination. I totally thought that was really happening. LOL
    -And your YuBo and GokuBulma is my NaLu and NaruSaku! xD Because it's funny how the hair colors are reversed on them. LOL]
    [Yeah, it was you who got me into the show. If memory serves me right, you made an AMV of the show before, but you removed your videos. I liked it. LOL
    -Yeah, I do, because I have to watch After Story, right?

    I'm done with Fairy Tail, I finished watching the anime like 4 days ago, but I caught up with the manga today. So now I'm focused on Clannad at the moment, then some other anime.

    Here's the Yu Yu Hakusho forum and DBZ forum. To be honest. ]
    [Same here. I graduate in 40 something days, so I feel a little relieved that I'll be stress free for awhile, but then I'll get into the college life, like you and my stress will be tripled. xD

    Well I'm on episode 4 at the moment, so I haven't seen much, but I'm liking Tomoya and Naigsa together and even Youhei and Tomoyo. Lol I love how he keeps challenging her to a fight and gets hit over 500 times. The only dislikes I've come across was Nagisa's lack of dramatic art knowledge and how Toyoma speaks his mind all the time, regardless if it's rude. But I don't really mind it. Lol

    I'm done. I can't even. I've seen it as well a few times, some people say that KwuYuk is all one sided and Kwubara is too ugly for her. (>.>) I doubt Yukina is shallow, she cares for personality over appearance I bet.

    I love that image. I liked it when you posted it on Tumblr.

    True. Which is why I've been gone for some time. It wasn't only because I needed to finish my work and watch Fairy Tail and Clannad, the forums have gotten dull like a old knife that can't even slice through butter. I haven't a clue what to do anymore.
    -Do you think you might join that DBZ, Mario or even a YuYu forum?]
    [Back. But just for awhile though. Lol
    -So how have things been Angel? (^.^)

    Ugh, the anime - manga differences get to me. I wish that the writers would just stick to the manga while the dub companies would stick to the original script.

    Thanks, while I've been gone I've been working on a few AMVs, watching some anime like Fairy Tail and Clannad. I know you love some Clannad. xD

    When I admin that Yoko Kurama page I tell you'll about, every time when Kurama and Botan are in an image together, I see "Kurama and Botan! <3" and wonder what are they smoking. Well that's a shame, more should have been drawn to give the ship more fans.

    Kikyo, she's always gonna be in his heart while Kagome's......just there. Lol
    -Best friends, always by your side! The OS gang slays!]
    [What do you think of my Kurama AMV? It's a remake of my old one because I thought I could have done much better with the song. I couldn't put many effects on it because Sony Vegas was acting ******. But most of the clips I used came from the good quality torrent, how does it look to you?
    -But can you do me a favor? Could you send me some tutorials of effects you think I should use since I hardly use any? Thanks!

    LMAO @ Cyber getting pressed at people wanting to see Misty's lure!! xD]
    [Yep, I always look at your post. LOL I have a lot to post, I just never thought about doing it, but I guess I should. LOL Can't wait to see!

    Yeah, when Yomi threatened to crash the plane Kurama's mother was on, I was pressed. But, he was later redeemed as the saga went on. But, in the end Raizen is my favorite because he's a great leader, and he could have kicked the crap outta Yomi and Muruko if he wasn't near death.

    Yep, like the Hiei and Muruko fight, I found out she never hugged him in the manga. Once again the anime tries create a ship that doesn't need to exist. Lookin' at you KogaAya. Another thing that got me hot was Kurama never abandoned his Yoko form in the manga, it never happened in the manga! Ugh! I was so pissed when I found this out, I hate when the anime does stuff like this! But I am relieved.
    -In the subs, Kurama and others refer Yoko Kurama as "a Yoko", by that, it could mean that he isn't the only one. Obviously since he had a mother and father. xD But it's interesting.

    Agreed. Sesshomaru goes through odds and ends to protect Rin and he'd risk his life for her, like that episode when she and Kahaku were swallowed and Sesshomaru jumped through the warp hole to save them.

    I read their reasons, and what that person was saying was pure bull. They tried to strecth the truth so much it's pathetic to be honest. (>.>)]
    [And here's the link to download the good quality episodes of YuYu. It's not dual audio though, but since you like to compare the sub with the dub, I thought you would want that.]
    [LML That's how it should have been at the beginning!

    Yeah, she was there at the beginning, but I get the feeling she's died because some sources have said Trunks and Bulma are the last two remaining Z Fighters along with Gohan, so I think she pasted after Goku did, but it was never confirmed, unless it was subbed. :/

    It is, Future Goku died from the heart virus while the main timeline one is alive and healthy. If I've got my money right, main timeline Goku is the only one that survived because Trunks gave him the antidote.

    -Sorry about that, I knew you were speaking of Future #17, but I got carried away again. xD But, yeah, he's much more sinister than his sis. She spares some boys who she finds cute, while he kills them. Like one of their fathers, he was about the shoot the old guy before Trunks came and ended the both of them.

    And remember that fighting game I told you about that will have Yusuke, Naruto and Goku in it? Well, Hiei's been confirmed to be a playable character along with Younger Toguro. I do wish Kurama was one as well, but Hiei's the most popular character in the show, so I shouldn't be surprised. xD But, I'm telling you this because I get the impression that if this game goes well that YuYu might do something new. Like make their own game or try to revive the series, hopefully they do, because the game producers have to get Yusuke, Hiei, and Toguro's Japanese voice actors to create this game, so I feel a little optimistic, while staying realistic.

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