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  • Hey Blinky, how are you?
    I was wondering if you could recommend some music to listen to?
    I'm rarely ever on chat to listen to the things you post anymore haha
    Great.. so you're going to start your own clan..
    you have a big potential for that, the only thing which might make it hard for you is time management..
    I too am a university student and I know the pressure of managing a clan and having university studies to take care of..
    I wish you the best for your midterms
    a word of advice.. try to start your clan asap so you can have TSS members joining you, before they join other clans :)
    Oh blinky, you're a Team Treesoul veteran.. you have contributed in soo much and your experience puched us forward..
    thank you so much ^_^
    btw what are your future plans here?
    :( why hasnt rachi contacted me back since friday? if he doesnt battle today, when it was scheduled, can you sub him in?
    Oh crap that means he is going to spam the thread. Somebody call Sena!

    But I really would like to battle you sometime chels.

    Now sena cant infract me for spam!
    um, lolwut

    behind the doors i was with bray in subbing.
    Man your in a very bad look with me right now.

    1.) you couldnt be patient and wait to battle when you were feeling good. Instead afterwards your remark was.. "Oh.. I shouldnt been battling when i had no sleep..."

    2.) This is the third and last time we lost to a clan we SHOULD HAVE BEAT EASILY, thats in caps because if we simply waited for me and jirachi and others to get our comps able and ready we would be able to war.

    3.) when we had that meeting with DGray we all agreed we would only war with our best. That is now gonna be upholded. This **** is unnacceptable and man straight up, you owe the clan an apology of some sort. That was bull what you said after you lost man, really.
    Your my boy blue so i dont want to start **** but right now... your as a girl would say in the dog house..
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