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Last Activity:
Oct 15, 2013
Nov 9, 2007
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On the floor

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Busy with School, from On the floor

BlitzBlast was last seen:
Oct 15, 2013
    1. andrew517
      Remember me?
    2. Black Marauder
      Black Marauder
    3. Swoobatty
      Why is your profile picture the kellogs chicken?
    4. Dark Eevee
      Dark Eevee
      Hey Blitz I was wondering if you could help me find out what my SID is.
    5. BCVM22
      I swapped out the Generation IV sprite for Metagross' Black/White sprite when the latter sprite set was made available as avatars.
    6. Skull13
      The Mario Cup is scheduled for January 1st.

      Hope to see you participate in the thread's final cup.
    7. SBaby
      I don't think you really meant that. I was just responding to everyone that was talking about it. I may have just picked your post at random to quote.
    8. Skull13
      In case you didn't receive my last PM, the next cup starts next Saturday.
    9. Profesco
      Shoot! I was never much good at games of chance. >_<
    10. Profesco
      If I sent you a friend request again, would you accept it this time?
    11. Neo Duality
      Neo Duality
      Thinking of me as a troll doesn't help, either. Bit of advice for the future; don't jump on the "boy who cried troll" bandwagon.
    12. natie
      Who I am does not matter.

      I added you because you're a pretty awesome person.
    13. DemonLabRat
      (Sorry for late reply. Been busy for the last few days, and trying to avoid ruining too much of Black & White until it is close to coming out.)

      I suppose you're not all that bothered, then?

      My GCSE results should be coming in less than a week from now, so I'm thinking more and more of my performance over the last few years. It's annoyingly depressing. :(
      Still confident, of course, but I know I made mistakes that could have been avoided.
    14. DemonLabRat
      I read your VM about your results on Skull 13's page as well as your latest post in the thread.
      Things not in your favour quite a lot lately, then?

      EDITED (Why'd I put lasted?? I make no sense ;_;)
    15. Skull13
      Oh, okay. Remember, we're starting at 3:00, and it's bikes only. Also, remember the course order as mentioned in the first post.
    16. Skull13
      I don't understand. Mind elaborating this?
    17. PokéVeteran1992
      Oh, he did it as an insult? ouch sorry about that I didnt know :b
    18. PokéVeteran1992
      Hahaha! I read Umbreon-dana's quote in your sig. I bet he felt pretty stupid
    19. Shiny Mew2
      Shiny Mew2
      Can you help Me get my sid in SS?
    20. Satoshi
      The guy who [spoil]was the joker in Eternal Punishment?[/spoil]

      Okay, maybe he is kinda' gay. :P
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    On the floor
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    MK Wii FC: 4125-3565-2043

    98% of teenagers cannot perform basic math. If you're one of the 7% who can, copy and paste this into your sig.

    I hack pokemon with my AR. Don't like it? Tough.

    FFIII DS sucks, and MMX6 sucks even more, but MMX7 is just crap.