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  • is that so, everyone knows that batman's speciality is his utility belt, without it he'll be useless to you. *hires pickpocket*

    super jezus also loves PS3:
    I was answering Yamoto's post about why my former friend made those claims without even explaining why in his Brawl review.
    oh those pictures are so last year, i'm a follower of super jezus i can take whatever you throw at me.

    that's okay, i live between the walls of your house anyway, and believe me your bikinipotatoes are nothing compared to the havoc of my prized furry lure, say hello to my army of renamons:


    now everytime a desperate furry does a googlesearch they'll end up in your profile, prepare to be assimilated blitzblast, or should i say, skittyonwailord_2
    Oh ok thank for clearing that up.

    the 5th generation games wont be out in america till like spring 2011
    but then there might be out in japan fall 2010
    so lots of thing are going to be hapening out the corse of the next 6 months
    hey if were not supose to post own ideas for 5th gen in that new thread
    where are we supose to talk about that stuff
    there is only one thing down here and that is you blitzblast.

    and my window & PS3 may be destroyed because of your shotgun surprise attack but my trophycollection will live on, don't force meh to bury you under it, i have like 10 platinums.

    (s.i.e) 1 - 0 blitzblast =D
    That is true...I'm not sure just how picky he'd be about it. Also, thanks a bunch, that'll definitely come in handy!
    ah jeez. This is beginning to be more trouble than it's worth...Though that is VERY useful information, seeing as I actually had no idea how to get other trainer's secret IDs. Thanks!

    I think I'm going to have to be a total jerk on this one and just abandon mission for this kid though.
    sure! That seems to make enough sense. Unless you want to take over from here and I send you the pkmn files...either way i'm ok with. haha
    Yeah, that is a problem, I just put my own in to fill the space. I'm not really sure what else to do about it though.
    Ok then.

    Right... next weekend then, seeing as you've got club, I've got work and you can realistically only come on at the weekend?

    I'm supposed to get an estimated amount of 12 hours worth of Homework every week, so I'd struggle with doing it all at school.
    Got this Drama essay to edit and a timed English Essay to do, so should take 2 hours or so of my time today.
    All I'm doing is correcting an inaccuracy. That it occurs in a certain thread is something I can't control.

    With that said, I recognize and can appreciate your comedic intent, but the "he says he's staying away/I KNEW he couldn't stay away!" bit is just a bit unnecessary.
    A new handheld? It's possible, but completely independent of that, this announcement's done a fine job of eschewing any predictable patterns or logic. A new land with new critters but no hype whatsoever at what is now the 8-month mark (assuming a September release)? But on what is ostensibly the current handheld?

    Suddenly fair is foul and foul is fair, and as such I'm not going to bother speculating until I know more.
    Not really. Seriously - you see these threads. I can't stop them so there's no point in trying. Even the loudest single voice can't be heard over the roar of the maelstrom. Once things calm down some and we get some info that makes sense (this is as enigmatic as they get), it'll be better.
    Hell no. That's the signal for me to find a nice bunker somewhere and stay there for a while. These discussions are so terrible they could liquify even my brain.

    That would have to depend if I don't act like an idiot and leave all the H/W to the last minute this weekend.
    And boy, do I LOVE to do that.

    But yeah, I should be able to play a game or two this weekend.
    After all, REVENGIEZ!!
    Feel free to say when.
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