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  • Eikichi was the only character I could remember that fits that description going by appearance (he's pretty flamboyant), but he wasn't actually gay. He dressed like someone out a visual kei rock band and the only love interest he had in the story was a female character.

    You, the main character, could engage in a homosexual relationship with a male character, which is probably the other real reason.
    10... jesus, when i was ten we still used internet for a buck at the local library but going to wrong sites wasn't allowed. am i glad that we had those rules, though tempting it can't be good for a kid.
    i never heard of danbooru, it sounds like an afrikan onlinestore for travel equipment to me. but knowing you it probably is some shitty imagedump overpopulated by fustrated teenagers.
    now give me a reason why i should share my many image & animation sources with a person who has plans to stock up for a IW2? i think not. besides some of the image dumps i used also contain adult stuff, i don't want to start a conflict with your mother for sending inapropiate links to her youngster, she can file a complaint to the local police for that.
    Oh yes, that. That WAS pretty effin' weird.

    Wasn't that one of the reasons why it wasn't localized in the first place? xD Though, in contrast, some people might find that awesome...
    Um, aren't you a bit too young to go to Danbooru? I mean, aren't you bothered by certain pictures there that may potentially ruin your childhood? I've been there before, and I try not to go back until I'm 18, which is by tomorrow at my time.
    *raises eyebrow*

    If you would have just done the courtesy of explaining it to me instead of flaunting you're condescending 14 year old boyish charm, I might have approved it. Request denied.
    He/She is hating KH for the wrong reasons. The real flaws about the series in general is the confusing plot and the later KH games focusing more on the original characters as oppose to Disney characters like in the first game.
    Is Kingdom Hearts considered a good game or not? I'm asking this because I'm arguing with anti-KH user from dA after making this stamp about KH is terrible.
    your welcome blitzy-_-

    crypto's banned for some time now, but this time it's pernament so he won't be coming back anymore. to be honest i'm not sure what he did to reach that point so in case you want to know you'll have to ask around for a bit.
    northern wind is allways strong and when having a strong windcurrent in your back you will be able to travel faster because it supports you while moving costing less efford to maintain speed.

    long story short: i wish you the best luck in finding what you are looking for.
    that won't be an easy task, few regulars on SPPF play MC Wii these days, but if you like i can add you:)
    i see, have you asked some of the invidual members there for a friendly race? that's what i would have done in your case.
    barely, the last time i touched my Wii was on christmas last year while playing sports with family & friends.
    Yeah, it was my fault. Sorry. I plan to redo the Bowser Cup this Saturday. Hopefully, we'll have more people joining us.
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