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  • Ouch, I live near my high school, so..:(

    Oo cool, I hope you have fun when they arrive! Tell me how it goes when you get them lol.
    Hey, I'm doing good, thanks! I haven't used SPP chat in a while, but I could give it a try when I have time lol. Sorry I haven't been on lately, but how are you? :p
    It is said that when it roars, a volcano erupts somewhere around the globe.

    ENTEI embodies the passion of magma. This POKEMON is thought to have been born in the eruption of a volcano. It blasts fire that consumes all it touches.

    ENTEI learns Roar at level 15.
    That's some good brain ****ery in your sig.
    I'm pretty sure you have to.

    I've beaten The True Arena and I only have 99%. Beating H2H with everyone unlocks a video.

    As such, it seems logical that you need to beat H2H with everyone to get 100%.

    Did you get all 60 treasures in The Great Cave Offensive? All 19 abilities in Milky Way Wishes?
    Also, note that we still have no proof whatsoever that Arceus even created anything.
    We'll find out soon enough once Pokemon Movie 13 comes out in the U.S.
    I've waited several says to do this...
    Late Replies: The Best Replies!
    (and it was worth it! ^_^)

    Anyway, back to the apparent madness that is anime aimed at children being childish.

    Did you actually tell him how ridiculous a question that was?
    And the PM thing doesn't work btw. I'd have to have your account details to see the PM chain, and of course, thats a big no-no, right there.
    You could forward the PM to me instead though, if you didn't mind me seeing it...
    Originally Posted by JamesRaynor
    How exactly is pokemon 'kiddy'?
    ... Please tell me that's a joke?
    Or a mistake?
    Or anything else that doesn't show it was put as a rhetorical question to prove some hideously idiotic point?
    Good job in the latest GPD cry baby-fest thread. I'm not gonna bother posting, because my fingers are a bit tired, but I'm highly entertained by all this, and am glad I'm not the only one with common sense in these forums.

    Even more comforting is you're only 14, and showing a surprising amount of maturity compared to other SPPF members.

    If you ever wanna battle on Shoddy, I'm on the official server as notthegoatseguy.
    i find it hilarious that you think that. because that list was 9 times as long and I got all of the ones i want legit, uncloned and ut. also i expect them to be as all of mine are.
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