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  • Wario Gold Mine is a pretty frustrating course, isn't it?
    I reckon that's what it'll be remembered for.
    Anyway, I'm taking a small brake from kart. Playing other games for a while.
    So, I'll race your T.Ts after a while has passed, if thats alright with you.
    I see...
    In that case, I'll beat your T.T for rainbow road if I can, and then I'll go onto the remaining 7 of the retro cup.
    Right. Just barely beat your time on Daisy Circuit. Only by about 0.1 seconds.
    So... Yeah. That shouldn't be at all hard to beat.

    What surprises me though is that I was able to get a good T.T record with a car on moonview highway and rainbow road. Odd.

    Anyway, I'll be onto Coconut mall in a sec

    Edit: All courses of the ordinary 16 have been beaten.
    Alongside that, done a few retros.
    I think there are about 6 courses at most for me to deal with
    Great. Thats 6 to do today...
    Edit: Scratch that. Rather busy. Have to do it another time.
    Mind telling me if you beat the others? Cheers.
    ... Well, I have at least 11 in the first 16 to me now, after beating 5 T.Ts or so.

    I'll deal with the next 5 tomorrow. And then retro courses and such.
    Also, sent a T.T over to you. Hope you have fun.
    You like listing things?

    I'm aware of the shortcuts in Luigi Circuit, Daisy Circuit and Coconut Mall.
    As for the others, which are basically different tactics to tackling different areas, I'm less aware of them.
    But I know I can be incredibly mean if I want to. Especially in one particular course...
    ... Nobody knows. :D

    And once you beat them, I'll make better ones. Huzzah!
    Btw, when did I miss your birthday? 14, hooray!

    As for those two courses... I'll find a way to beat them...
    The awesomeness is going to get me.

    ... Must not... join in... the awesomeness...
    *turns around to run*


    I'll sue you for this!!
    *runs away*
    Ah, I was just.. er, never mind. It didn't really have anything to do with Final Fantasy.

    So you're challenging yourself.. hmm.. is this going to be a speed run?
    Or you could try breeding a Gold Slime, aren't they fully resistant to all spells? If you bred it right, HP wouldn't be a problem, either..
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