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  • I reccomend future installments. The first one was, well.. there's no better word for it then 'bad'. Largely due to being outdated, but there are also other reasons.
    My reply: "OH YES IT IS... *twitches*"

    Giant Bunny Giga Bowser in Yoshi Tail Soup to you both.

    Also, that 'science' post remains annoying.
    I have seen worse, but nonetheless, I hate posts like that.
    So many little things to contradict.

    And tell Mark Chaos I shall remain far more random!
    I think this is definitely the first time where I'll say sorry for not replying for ages... because I've never done that.

    I should be the one to decide your torture, really. Seeing as I know various things...

    But fire emblem is pretty harsh. Good luck on your suicide mission- I MEAN your quest.

    I feel like murdering someone though, since I've seen that last sentence...
    Ah. I see.

    If only you were more successful... then I wouldn't have beaten you so on that large scale. ^^
    Though you have to admit it was odd we chose the same battle stages three times in a row.

    But then yes, the learning:

    You do indeed suck at wii wheel.

    Anyway, I'm a bit busy trying to figure something out, so I'll leave you be.
    You were gone? Shows how much I play attention.

    ... I'm surprised you even attempted to do such a silly thing. You didn't know?

    I'm aware of that. Hence the above line. Though while you did that, I went back and forth on the rainbow road drop (as I said, it looks so odd climbing back up), and then proceeded to bash your kart for not moving... twice in that race. You stopped a second time later on near the 5-min maximum. Tried another attempt?

    ... you weren't using a wii wh- oh yes, I remember not seeing the wheel icon, so... monkeys.

    ... Not to rain on your parade there, but I also used one hand during the majority of the racing myself. Battling not so, though.

    I suppose the turning point shows you don't know about the spot-turn boost?

    Indeed the mega mushrooms were. I ended up moving my kart next to yours three times in a row, and just when I press the button, we both end up big... it's amusingly unexpective to happen.
    But dosn't that happen with most/servel 3D games? The repeating of tunes.

    (I play mine on PS2 so I don't really get "lag") as for the sound effects I don't really stand out or in with me so your right there.
    I did. I even taunted you many a time. Running rings round the giant rock in sherbet and is fun. As is going up and down the rainbow road drop. (it looks so odd going up.)
    I think we both know who won that... surprisingly...
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