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  • ... I wasn't getting on. But then, I'm sure thats not the reason why I'm taking so long....
    I'll get on now and fear the worst.
    You're mad! That Wii wheel is unspeakable! Karts... well, thats fine, but the Wii wheel?
    That, plus the fact it's ten to midnight.
    Edit: Also, The last time I used a wii wheel was when I got it, and thats well over a year ago when it was released in Europe.
    ... I fail to remember what vehicle I used, but I know for certain that whatever it was, it wasn't my best. I did this little autistic thing and made a pattern with the characters and karts... or tried to anyway. ^^
    So once you beat it, I'll go mental and use a better vehicle and make you pay for ruining the pattern... since I'm an idiot, I suppose, before you ask.
    Not only did I leave this reply and the last for several days, but I also refused to get off the game consoles and check the forums. Hurrahzahray!

    Your first VM:
    Yes, I do know my toad factory T.T record. Such a splendid chap. You know him? He has great taste in music.

    Bullying is wrong. You shouldn't even be trying. What he do to you? No need to be jealous. Naughty. :/

    ... bleh? Oh wait, this is reality, isn't it? Darn. Forgot that exists...
    Well, in that case, how do you keep screwing up?

    Lets hope when you clear that you don't decide to type it in bold, italic underlined text on my profile.

    VM the second:
    Hooray for bold, italic underlined text.

    ... That god must had become mad to have let you win. The FPS God shall hear of this treason.

    Anyway, enough of the madness you are reading, well done, etc, and goodnight.
    Quoted from the VG music topic:

    "Anything from Megaman. Barring, of course, X7."

    You are completly wrong there. Now, I know that what you say for MMX7 (and 6) Is true and I respect you for that, but MMX7 had one of the best soundtracks.
    Nooooo! :[ To be honest, I don't see you as the mini-modding type. I wouldn't say you are on thin ice, since you don't even have half the required infraction points to get banned lol. Just take it easy.. :p
    I noticed. I have but one choice left now:
    I must kill you.
    Sweet dreams, BlitzBlast. Sweet dreams.
    Anywho, I'm gonna take my revenge out on you by beating every time trail you've set if I haven't done so already!
    Oh yes, T.Ts.
    I don't really bother that much with it anymore, but I think I have set a good few. Others, I suck. X)
    I'm going to kill you, BlitzBlast. One day...
    I blame it on missing the edge wall the first time. It was fun.
    As does mine... except the first round. Had plenty of blue shells. That was odd.
    Other FCs? as in friend codes, right?
    Edit: Ok, thats good.
    We had 16 races, so I haven't a clue. Hurrah!

    ... and yes. Most bikes have that problem. Well, half of them do. The rapide, for example, I find to be horrid.
    Question, btw: Do you know most of the shortcuts?
    and how to avoid Pow blocks? (random question, this one is)
    Yayiez, I failed Epicly at battle!
    I suppose also I am only to blame for staying still in the first grand prix. XD
    Edit: scratch that, just had my revenge! Coin runners ftw!
    I get the feeling I was too late?
    Well, I'll be online for a hour, and I'll be racing to increase my ranking. If you read this and come online in that time, I'll exit and race you.
    Sure. Just let me post a VM on BCVM22's profile. m19 has made fun of the British. He must be punished! Punished I say!
    Really? well, thats something I'll be looking forward to. I reckon I got most of them right, But I know for certain I got a few wrong. I'm hoping to be in the top half...
    I suspect you're considering the words 'Epic Fail' Still?
    I rarely get involved with battles, but the last time I played, which was 2v2 online, I did quite well compared to others. However, I suck sometimes. It completely depends on how I am.
    Chances are I'll win, though. :D
    On a side note, nice to see you and mangaeyes are getting along. I haven't raced him in the club yet, but nice to see you two are getting along. ;)
    *explodes at the sheer idiocy of these posts*
    What did I say that was idiotic? Sorry if I've missed something or made myself look foolish but you could politely point it out instead of being rude.
    Hey, it was one mega mushroom!
    Besides, in the first match, when behind you, all I got was bananas. Didn't help.
    And you got a trio of red shells everytime I got one green shell in the second and third.
    ... Unbalanced items is fun.
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