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  • XKCD!
    Didn't know you where into that as well (unless you just went on google image... fun).

    Utter fun...
    Anyway, yeah, I'll let you decide on the date for kart.
    The weekend, I presume?
    I have mixed feelings towards X8. That's why.

    X7 was like a swift kick in the groin.

    Then again, I sound like a rambling person when it comes to defending and talking about Megaman. Considering I seen whining from Classic. You seem cool. Mind an invite?
    Hmmm... I don't remember much of what we went though but if I was to guess I'd say most of it. These games are a lot different than we imagined.
    I'm not sure if I know either. I usually find out when people start talking about things I haven't heard. I think the last thing we found out was the Yellow Forest Wi-Fi event for the PokeWalker when HG/SS comes out.
    A very good choice. It hasn't been so bad though. With Wulava posting often and Erik Destler coming in a lot more there isn't as much spam or stupid ideas.

    Of course the other numerous threads in the HG/SS forums are not doing quite as well xD
    When it comes to Megaman knowlege.. I feel like an old, rambling coot when I am trying to educate people on it. Most of the times when I say I like Megaman, Peopel go. "YOU LIKE BN?!"

    I do like BN, but I hate Lan and Megaman.exe as characters... but I do like others like Starman.exe and so on. (Starman was an inspration for my online persona character.) Zero series is okay in my book. Classic and X are good. I didn't care for X7 or 8. Or even Command Mission.
    EH.. forgive some of my brashness. It's rare ot find Megaman fans who have a calm head on their shoulders.
    Same. Played all Megaman games. Like I said. I like BN. JUst not thge batshit insane fans. Considering I met a batshit insane Megaman.exe fangirl who defended Lan and Megaman.exe.
    I can't stand BN fanturds. I call them; BNwhiners, consideirng they bash other series. Not all. I like BN, but I perfer Classic and Some of X.
    Hey fellow Megaman fan. I also run a Megaman RPG. It's hard to find Sane Megaman fans who don't go batshit at a person, though.
    Hooray for webcomics! (heavily aware of item bombardments...)

    My FC: 1676-3870-7776
    The 777 is lucky. By which I mean it does nothing.
    If they did, the voices in my head would have gone crazy... *twitches*
    But seriously, it's easily notable that most didn't know. One even talked to me in private chat, without knowing who I was.
    I'm sure 'Cake_Drbritish' (yes, I know) noticed. But the rest were just clueless.
    Besides, why risk looking like an idiot?
    Just been on chat and tricked everyone. Not one person could guess who I was when I came on with a different user name.
    And thats even when I said "I'm going to leave now and come back and pretend to be someone else."
    and saying "tricking people is fun" when I was on.
    Even when I said "guess who I am?" they had no clue.
    Their reactions were priceless. But also clueless.
    Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

    The 3rd? Not that bad... is it?
    Then again, you'll need to drink more coffee... or coke.
    Someone I know stayed up for 13 days and counting thanks to coffee...
    I'm just waiting for the coma he'll have later on.
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