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  • Exactly... exactly.

    Just been on chat, been kicked for too many dots, and now I feel weird...
    I'm gonna go back on the in a min and pretend being kicked was hell.

    Anyway, good luck with your plan tomorrow.
    Three back-up plans? Oh of course! When plan A fails, use the never-failing plan B! Genius!

    And we speak of batman and dragonball Z references because...?

    Good for you. Two days left then. :)

    And I intend to guess you're confident you can play it beforehand?
    Hurrahzahray for your birthday coming up soon as well.
    Yeeeeeeah. Good times, good times. O'course, I still have a couple of pages to catch up.

    Y'know, for living in a desert with absolutely nothing in the way of 'natural catastrophes', I had all the luck when a well aimed lightning bolt took out my router for.... a little over a month now? >_>;;

    Woot for extremely unlikely occurrences.

    I'm about to take part in a mario kart tourney with DSS right now, but we keep getting disconnected before it starts. Don't know why. The host has mentioned problems, so you know.
    Anyway, massive changes in the game. As said, it's almost impossible to recognize. The other changes include tricks, 12 player racing only and, funnily enough, the vehicles aren't made to match the drivers like in Double Dash or DS.
    You'll never recognize it, my friend. Vast differences in this game. Here's a list of them for our convenience of explanation:
    Mini-turbos are only available for use if you have manual driving. Having automatic will render whatever button you use for mini-turboing useless.
    Having the ability to mini-turbo can cause some vehicles to turn poorly. You have to use the mini-turbo a lot more often than in earlier games to succeed in races.
    If you don't have manual and mini-turbo, and have automatic, your ability to turn will become more effective. But you can't jump, or boost without items/contraptions on the circuit.
    If you want to take full advantage of mini-turbos, do not use bikes. As you know in earlier games, you have to opportunity to use a small boost and a large boost. The bikes are limited to small boosts, but karts perform both.
    Bikes are faster, however, if you use up on the D-pad, which doesn't make them entirely useless.
    Thats about it.
    Wow. Bet you're willing to brag about that? Well done indeed.

    September huh? Interesting. You excited, or could you not care less? Very different aspects to this game compared to the earlier installments of the series. Automatic and manual driving, for example.
    Ah. Well, even if I had it, I'm currently practicing for the mario kart tournament tomorrow, so you know.
    Anyway, I'll leave you to... whatever it is you're doing.
    'fraid not. I haven't been bothered to get many games from wiiware, so the chances of me having it is pretty slim anyway. Any particular reason why?
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