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  • ...I fail to see why that's a great thing. Post-Count means virtually nothing.

    It does NOT make your e-penis any bigger.
    Yeah, I saw that the moment I got on here. I saw you posted it, and I sort of got a bad feeling, so I went to check it. I didn't know who you were referring to at first, but when I saw your previous post, my fears became truth.
    Anyway, yeah. Ignore list would certainly work. I think I should do that now, actually.
    Edit:Done and done.
    Arg. Sorry about him. He repeatedly spammed in a game thread, double posting and everything, so I kinda went on his profile, and I tried to get him to stop by showing how annoying he was being. He then proceeded to spam m19's profile, along with mine. He then started asking random questions, which I replied to, but I couldn't understand due to his spelling.
    In any case, he's spammed on your, m19's, DSS's and my profile simply because he saw me. That makes it kinda my fault, so sorry about that. Hopefully he won't continue.
    No, Giant Bunny Giga Bowser is better.
    Too long, it doesn't work.
    Or maybe it's because I'm just trying to contradict you. Nobody knows.
    I didn't know you didn't have mario kart wii.
    It's very different from the others, I'll tell you that now. Mainly because of the option for automatic racing.
    Shame you don't have it... I could have had revenge for brawl on that game...
    Just won the mario kart tournament!
    Of course, we're repeating it later since someone left halfway through, but you know what I mean!
    And yes. We are all idiots.
    A bunch of other ridiculous things happened, but THAT!?
    And again, hooray for the late reply.
    I have officially lost faith in the world and mankind.
    A game show called 1vs100 exists, which is made up of questions that are relatively straight-forward and pretty much general knowledge. There is a game of it on xbox live. A question came up:
    What do you get if you mix blue and green together?
    The answers were A: Turquoise B: Brown or C: Purple.
    Care to take a guess how many of the 100 (and this was the first question) got it wrong?
    Brown was the most popular answer. Purple wasn't that much of a common response used. Thing is, brown was the most popular. How? How is that possible? And why? Why did people think Blue and Green make Brown and Purple? Why so many?
    The world shall drown in stupidity. Monkeys.
    Yoshi tail soup.
    You could only list pokemon, moves, or names of things in pokemon. I imagine transform was the answer, or less likely, 'new form'. It did, after that, ask the conditions required, so I doubt breeding would be involved. So transform. Hooray.
    Late reply. Hooray!

    I have a few bad feelings as well. But of course I'm sure we both did well... or decently well.

    Same here for the history thing. I had to guess the most logical. Really, there were only about three Kanto pokemon up there on the list, and two of them were the usual pokemon of Team Rocket, so I had to go for those two. What'd you pick?

    That chart meant you had to link things... I think. Basically, if is said normal contest, and the arrow pointed away from it, you'd have to say the next rank in contest. The same for evolutions, and moves. I'm not entirely sure, I may have messed a few up on that one as well.
    ... well, just taken it. Amazingly hard, but I have a very good feeling about it. I'm pretty sure I got he majority of marks. Of course, you've played the games as much as I have, so I'm fairly certain you'll do well. Can't give help or answers or anything, but you may really want to revise.
    Not sure. I reckon I'll surpass some areas, but I've forgotten quite a few things. We've got almost a month to do this though as well as revise, though, so I'm not particularly worried. Also, I've rarely got anything badly wrong, So I see myself in the top half. You?
    I'm surprised you haven't already. I doubt your sanity as well now. (Still, a joke's a joke.)

    On a completely unrelated note, it turns out I have typed owned my lol instead of earned my lol. I am a massive idiot. Hooray!

    And.... since there is little else to say right now, I'll be off.
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