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  • Oh, alright then. Ignore me. ^^;

    It is, isn't it?
    Despite that, though, I tend to spend most of the time in that course thinking 'Why can't I hit them?! ;_;'

    I tried that before. Same result. Hurrahzahray!
    Still, it's hard to resist trying.

    Anyway, I made an edit in the other VM, which you might want to read. (I could type it again, but darn it, that would be effort!)

    On an unrelated note, I originally typed this on my own profile page before I thought 'Wait, why did BlitzBlast contact himself?'
    That is the finest thing that can be done.

    I definitely did not edit this, btw...
    You know you love the experience ;)

    I understand what you mean by connection problems, though. That has been a problem in some cases, but hopefully it won't affect you next time around.

    ATM, there are about 8 members in the club, including you, me, Skull13 and DSS. Ideally, we could get at least 6 next time so that the experience isn't between a small group.

    We usually do have balloon battles after we do a cup, just for fun, so you can expect some of those next time around as well, and perhaps a couple of extra races.

    You mentioned you had a friend also into mario kart, right? If you want to, feel free to ask him if he wants to join. Could do with a few more members.

    Edit: Oh, btw, you may want to state in the thread that there were connection problems, just to let Skull13 know. That way, he'll know you were attempting to join and not miss out on it.
    Just so I know, when you joined, did you know we already did the cup before you joined? I saw you online just before I joined...

    If you didn't, then don't worry, we're doing it again next week due to a couple of people not showing up.
    It's in the Clubs thread called Super Mario Tournaments!! (Super Mario Club).

    All the information is posted on page 1. Any more questions?
    It's still possible to join, and yes, I am hosting.

    Just post the necessary information mentioned on Page 1 to join for Brawl or MK Wii.

    Better hurry. I plan to start the tournament later today.
    ... I know I was somewhere... a huge ship I was on... and a dragon came along and burned the whole thing, leaving me to swim to Italy, but that doesn't make sense because I remember a gang of robotic ninja zombie clowns sailing the same ship past the space shuttle... oh...
    ... Mini-coma.

    But seriously, hi. I've just finished year 11 a couple of weeks ago, (Over here, that basically means no more exams, school is no longer compulsory, and I've finished earlier for the summer) as well as attended the little ending celebrations. Music, TV, reading things online and a couple of outgoing related stuff have taken up the majority of my time.

    Over here, England tends to be a bit of a football crazed country, and for the past 15 years, I had been anti-football because of what I hear about England fans, but I decided to watch this world cup out of interest and I got into it. Not to the extent that I jump up at a goal, but to a reasonable level. (I still think some fans are idiots, so hypocrisy all the way for me) Anyhow, the cup ended on the 11th, so I'm back now.

    As for Mario Kart, you must seriously be fooling me when you said there wasn't one. Really? That's incredibly surprising to me, but I guess something like that could be expected. I'll think about joining your new one. In case I'm not able to join, though, I wish you luck.

    As for other people, you could try sending invites to those in the super mario tournaments thread in the club section. ATM, the numbers aren't great, but I'm sure the head of the club, Skull13, and m19 may accept the invite, and a couple of other members, as the club does revolve around both Brawl and Kart. In fact, you could join the club itself if you wanted to. Only a couple of kart cups left, but you never know, you might enjoy it. Not like I'm trying to pressurize you into it or anything... *ahem*

    Seriously, though, join. Seriously, though, feel free to contact them about your new group
    You know, I too noticed the music on that NES battle course being really cool.

    And, no, I don't actually know what you meant by "Luigi - Awesome mobile". I guess I just haven't played the game quite enough to know.

    And you know, if you wanted to make an MK Wii group, I'd probably join. The worst that can happen, after all, is the two of us join but nobody else. In which case, the group would probably fold, which would cause the false vacuum of empty space to decay into an even lower energy true vacuum state which would instantly absorb the space surrounding that region, ultimately absorbing everything. Oh, wait, that was the worst case scenario for my latest experiment...
    That was fun! I enjoyed it. But, no I don't think there is a secret to getting Red Shells and Mega Mushrooms. Though, it would be really cool if there was a secret to it.

    It was totally hilarious how both you and my brother were using Funky Kong at the same time. I was saying things like, "Stop throwing bananas at me Funky. And that goes for you too, Funky!"
    Cool, cool! It might have to be a bit later in the afternoon, (evening, my time), but I should be available at some point today.

    And I also have a question: Your sig once mentioned something about being able to find people's Secret ID for them (on weekend if I recall). Do you still offer this service? I've been thinking of doing some light RNG manipulating (which I realize is a change of my viewpoint on RNG manipulation). So, please let me know.
    I saw your post in the debate forum on the internet killswitch. I hopes you weren't talking about meeeeeee.
    Yes, but then we'd have the topics wanred against in two stickies instead of one, plus the same newbies would keep making the threads anyway. The forum would still be cluttered.
    Believe it or not, earlier today I seen that game for sale that you were mentioning. I was tempted to buy it, but for 20$ I decided not .

    Nevermind then, hey listen, I am about to go on a picture war with SIE for a while.. Got any tips
    I have become irritated by GPD always being crammed with ten to fifteen useless, repetitive closed threads.

    Okay, here: I've got the screen set to, I think, 20 threads per page. Before I made the Closed Thread Collection, GPD showed up as 8 pages. After I merged everything, it was just 2 pages.

    I do believe my cousin had that game but grew weary of it. I personally never played it.

    Perhaps to test you of your luck?

    I personally don't care, if people choose to cheat so they can win, then let them do what they want. Real gamers don't cheat XD;

    Darn that Kaiba, he can't be trusted
    Which one would that be? I think their may of been more then one.

    Eh, so many people are jumpy about cheating and some people just don't care.

    I've been playing too much COD lately as well.
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