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  • accidently double VM'd... dammit. So, not to make your profile glitter with a deleted VM, this.

    Can't believe I was wrong about the pics not showing... man I hate being wrong. Thank goodness this is the only time that I was-

    Originally Posted by Kein
    Notched-ear Pichu

    Originally Posted by Pokemonwarrior
    Oh dear oh dear where to disagree first hmmm.

    Originally posted by the almighty BCVM22
    That's utter nonsense.
    ... This is DemonLabRat, and I have made myself look like an idiot. Good night.
    Funny. That has earned my lol. Then again, it's like being given an award for last place! Huzzah!... wait...

    ... ahhhhh. You're still going to hack. Come on, deep down inside, you know you feel like a jerk. Pretend you never saw that thread and that it instead said 'who do you think you are, you worthless piece of expired yoshi tail soup!'. Please? I'll be your friend- well I already am, but still, don't me threaten you with the unfriend button! (nah, not that evil) I'll get replying to your PM shortly...
    Don't you love it when I disappear for a few days and make a sudden return?

    You just more or less made a reply in that thread that had the line, who are you to tell us how to play our games? I'll provide a link if I can to that particular post. It isn't that bad... wait, if you think you're a jerk, does that mean you'll stop hacking?
    Yes, you did. You're a jerk.

    Images obviously don't work on VMs. Only if you right click them and create another window. Otherwise no. As for the pictures in general... naughty. Naughty BlitzBlast. You don't think stuff like that. (Seriously, though. Funny. The first good, but the second is just... how'd they not think of stuff like that? How? HOW!? (note to self, why is better than how))

    The link shows all. Not at all bad, really, but I suppose I saw it in the wrong light.
    LOLOLOLOLOL You're right. I just kinda looked over your profile and saw 'CLASSIFIED' multiple times. I had forgotten where you age was displayed xD
    ... Yeah, I admit, that is at the very least weird. Still, better than not posting anything. It also made you look confused. Huzzah! (It's also an excuse to make fun of something whilst making me look like an attention seeking idiot!)

    Thats a shame. I was looking forward to making you pay... I was REALLY looking forward to making you pay... (insert 'the awesome' here)
    Long time no see. ... So... yoshi tail soup...
    Ignoring all stupidity now, everything going fine where I am. Just argued about common sense with BCVM22, and am very tempted to use my brother as evidence of 'non-existent common sense'. You ok?
    And just for the sake of a end joke:
    *sends Friend Request*
    My Legendary captures were like so:

    Girantina- Torterra used Crunch! A critical hit! You threw a Dusk Ball! Congratulations!
    Mesprit- Master Balled.
    Azelf- Glaceon used combination of Shadow ball and Quick Attack! You threw 10 Dusk Balls! Congratulations!
    Uxie- Quick Balled.
    Cresselia- Weakened over time with Glaceon, then threw a Dusk Ball.
    Dialga and Palkia (The battles went exactly the same)

    Dialga/Palkia used Earth Power!
    Torterra used Earthquake/Razor Leaf!
    A critical hit!
    You threw a Dusk Ball!
    Rofl, I had to try Giratina a 3 times (Ran out of PP once, I accidentally fainted it a second), before I finally caught it with 30 Dusk Balls.
    Mesprit was also a Masterball
    Uxie, Only once, 20 Dusk Balls
    Azelf, 5 times, I couldn't find an attack that didn't faint it xD 25 Dusk Balls

    I haven't gone for Dialga/Palkia or Cresselia yet. Just gonna use a Masterball on Cresselia, hoping ot have better luck on Dialga and Palkia.
    But he started with rinse, starting with rinse makes little sense. The second time around you would be doing it properly, yes, but you would be starting all wrong! xD
    Bah, grammar teachers, I am a Grammar Nazi, I'm on their side. English is a really stupid language. There are too many words that are too similar.
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