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  • That was something similar with me a couple of weeks ago. I found my GB color and three games that went with it. It took me no time at all to catch up on them. They're Zelda: Oracle of Seasons, Super Mario Bros Deluxe, and ... I cannot remember the other one.

    Restarting pokémon games can be a long and slow progress.

    I may get my N64 games out, restart them all and see if I can beat them within a week. 40 games in a week sounds good.
    It does like a great game, however the situation does a little critical, but since you made it this far, you might as well carry on with an iron fist and do it.

    But no cheating! =p
    hey. i need you to get the sid on my soulsilver and heart gold games. i want heart gold first. thanks in advance
    Why, just the other day I saw someone mess up your name in Misc.

    Sad thing is that they had a clear reference to your name the whole time.
    Couldn't you have, I don't know, grabbed a picture of someone blowing into a paper bag and copy pasted a Metagross head on to it?
    That'd be the easy way out. Go big or go home.

    Also, if this thing doesn't die with the E3 board, it's going to kill your reputation.
    That I kept my word, absurd as it might have been, and was willing to poke fun at myself will kill my reputation?
    Never let it be said I don't keep my word. I promised a Metagross breathing into a paper bag if the Ocarina thing turned out to be a real game, and so it went.

    And let's be honest, with a Metagross, there's no really good way to have it breathe into a paper bag; had I used a real photo of a normal paper bag, it would have looked like it was vomiting into the bag.
    It was supposed to be a progress tracker.
    I blacked them out beyond their big features (I don't know why I chose Falkner's socks..., but the net for bugsy, coat for Whitney, scarf for Morty and so on); the plan was to, as I got to them, I'd replace the black with the normal sprite, and when I beat them, I'd gray them out. When I got to the E4, and Kanto, I'd replace them.

    but then I kept getting further in the game really quick, kept forgetting, and now it's just kind of sitting there. I'll probably get rid of it eventually, its time has long since passed.
    "You can not dislike a man with such an awesome afro.

    It is simply not possible.

    It's like one fourth of his body mass."

    I LOVE that. Thanks so much for the laugh! xD Also, I was thinking the same thing myself anyway xD
    That's cool. BTW, I meant to let you know that I got the phrase "happy happyist" from Earthbound info in Smash Bros. Some trophy or something mentions a group called the "happy happyist cult" which sounds absolutely hilarious. Now I use that phrase often.

    I also meant to mention that I'm sure what I said is funnier to me than it is to others. I once had to stifle laughter while reading a math book in a library. I guess this is what happens when I "hang out in the conceptual realm" with the square root of two.

    Also, I about fell on the floor laughing when I got to the part of that thread where that dude had you fill out that crazy form. That was classic!
    Yes, the Pokeathlon is really cool! I enjoy being able to score Rare Candies on several days. And I have trouble with the Pennant Chase also. I wonder how many other people find that one difficult.

    Human nature... is to be better than others, I suppose you could say. Now, for sure, there are exceptions (there always are in large groups), but that's the gist of it.

    Basically, in a perfect communist society, everyone is equal. Everyone has the same things, the same wages, and theoretically everyone is happy.

    However, it doesn't work like that. Call it greed, ambition, whatever, somebody is going to want more. Somebody is going to want to have an easier life, or to have more money than his friend, or to have cooler stuff. This person is eventually going to act on his wishes and the very existence of that person breaks the theoretical utopia.

    Giving another example, at least one person will have to be the leader in a communist society in order for everything to work right? But doesn't being a leader make you not equal with everyone else?
    First, that is one of the soundest arguments against communism I have ever seen. Second, that is a profound and correct definition of human nature. I think it's odd how many people delude themselves into thinking that humans are basically nice to everybody. The really funny part? I wish I could explain this better, but the "happy happyist" mentality is inconsistent with two major competing ideas about where we came from. If God made people, then we experienced a Fall, that means we are...well...less than nice to each other. If we evolved, I believe the phrase Darwin used was "we are descended from barbarians." I actually wrote an article pointing this out once; either way the "happy happyists" lose.
    Thanks for the compliments! I'm glad I'm getting a bit better, even if I still get left in the dust. And the losing sanity thing? That reminds me of trying to beat 21 Battle Factory matches in Platinum. I tried forever, and finally did it! But then, in HeartGold, beating the Frontier Brain there was disappointingly easy. Weird.
    That was fun! I especially enjoyed the part where we were all continually smooshing each other with Mega Mushrooms!

    Also, I asked my brother (Zero Samus Mii) to send messages saying, "I'm using my Mii!" or "Heavy Karts!" but he didn't really want to start that sort of randomness. He did however ask me to ask you what you think of his Star ranking.

    Anyway, "Heavy Karts!" (It might sound funnier if it said, "Falling Heavy Karts!" Worse than an avalanche? Probably.)

    Thanks again!
    13: Best gamer: Fudge if I know.
    You sure you don't know? It's you! (At least, I voted for you.)

    I don't actually like fudge, so I don't know why I wrote that so many times >_>.
    I recently tried some orange cream fudge and some cookies and cream fudge, which were both quite good. Aside from those two flavors, I don't much care for fudge either.

    And I would like to race some MKWii, but I've gotta grab some lunch first. Maybe in about 45 minutes?
    Voting Dattebayo most likely to become a mod is pretty hilarious! (At least one other person voted for him already, which only adds to the humor.)
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