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  • It has been too long since I VMed you, hasn't it? I'd like to recommend the recently posted Member Survey. Remember, vote early and vote often and *cough*voteTheFightingPikachubestdebater*cough*. (I'm sorry, I had some sarcasm and competitiveness stuck in my throat.)
    Seriously, though, the survey will be open all this month. Even if you don't vote, some of the responses are hilarious!
    i think it's because you just started playing this game. that's the most common case so you'll get used to it.
    okay, it was fun while it lasted so hereby i declare that there will be peace between us once more sothat you may game=P

    anyway while you are playing MM10 would you mind telling me what you think of it? i've been considering to get this game for myself eversince the news arrived but i havn't decided yet being busy with other games and all. is it any good?
    wait you guys actualy have french lessons at the american school?
    i must admitt, that's news to me.
    and you take comments on youtube serious? come on i thought you'd knew better.

    except when modern warfare 2 get's involved. no playing rules, no guidelines, no respect for other players. seems it has some use afterall
    i live in europe, we don't have any yanks here.
    go play some duckhunt boy, you don't know what you are talking about.

    the japanese have 2 weaknesses which can either cause destruction or peace. nukes [destruction] or kawai japanese stuff [peace]

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