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  • Yeah, I get what you mean; those sorts of characters (the ones that triumph over adversity) are some of my favorite to read and see develop.

    Well, you can send it, but I'm currently one one-shot and four chapters behind for requests, plus my own stories, plus stories I promised to review. So hopefully I'll catch up. =X

    I live in the US. I usually check SPPf out on my phone when I'm bored, but it's a real pain to try to respond to VMs/PMs or posts. I think I only posted once on my phone, and it was such a hassle. Only read SPPf on my comp a few times a day if I'm not busy.

    And thanks! I found that pic on google images when looking for reference pictures for Hilda/Hilbert and that happened to be there for some reason and it fit the personalities in Option Other nicely.
    Oh, I was. ;P It's amusing. Though people love it so maybe that crap was magical.

    Yeah, makes sense, though the premise was nice. Also liked your characters in it. You seem to have a thing for semi-bad characters, don't you? =P

    Oh lawd. I would but I am so behind on other requests. x_X
    Yesh. =3 Secret sequel should be more polished, though its prequel is interesting to read if you wanna see how crappy I was as a writer years ago. XP

    THE TWIST ... the pokemon are the trainers and they're catching hoomans!

    I always liked Exchange is Inevitable. What happened to that story anyway?
    Gratsssss. I'm glad you enjoyed "Option Other" btw; t'was a fun piece to write.

    I have a secret project due July 29th which isn't all that secret if you've been reading my works for a long, long time. Should probably put the teaser back up.
    Blitzy my dear, I'd love to hear what you think about Lull's last chapter/epilogue. ;P If you don't mind anyway.
    Eh, I was more along the lines of, "it might look suspicious because most IDs have the picture printed in them instead of taped on, so having something taped on might just be weird to see period." Depends on how you design the ID though.

    Yeah, I think once you develop your main character, you'll find it easier to write with him, too. It's a lot harder to write someone in someone's perspective when you have no idea what their personality is like.

    I'm not sure where you live and how your legal system works, so we might differ. Generally, though, some crimes are rated "low," like petty theft, simple assault, trespassing, and drug possession. Punishments are usually monetary fines, probation, community service, or short jail time. Sometimes there's a longer prison sentence, but I think those are "higher ranked" misdemeanors. Age plays a role, yes, along with his prior record. If it's his first crime, I think they generally go easier on you. Burglary and robbery are kind up ... well, I think you might get jailed for that, but I'm not sure on that myself. =P It depends on the degree. I think "petty theft" is on the lower end of the spectrum while robbery is on the higher end.

    Erika sounds like the right person to do that sort of thing, sympathize and try to understand a person.

    Also, thanks for the review (and a biggun too). =) I'll respond to it soon, lol.
    That would probably make things easier. It would be hard to transfer a completely feminine name to a male character, though it could be funny for him trying to scramble around and reason why his name is the name it is. The photo is a bit trickier. Sounds like scraping it off is the only way, but that just looks suspicious in itself.

    Ooh, I like your setup. Makes things mysterious. =P And I think that's okay that she's the first done; she is the first character to be seen after all and the one that sets the story in motion. Plus I'm sure her bio will be shorter than your main character's.

    Keep going at it. Did you write out those moments you wanted to write or are you still at those first few lines in the prologue?
    I still am. =P I edited the first chapter quite a bit, though I figured I should try and pop out a new chapter of "Lull" first before working on that. (I'm actually taking a break from it because the dream sequences with Lane are about to make me cry, haha.) I always loved the idea behind "The Lost Chronicles of Johto;" I don't know why it takes me a long, long time to update it. Plus the dialogue/interaction is just lulzy.

    Congrats on the first few lines of the prologue! The beginnings are always the hardest, but once you get the ball really rolling ... Anyway, if you want to trade your ideas back and forth with me again, I'm always here!

    Do you mean too poetic instead of prosaic? (Prosaic is straightforward narrative and dry.) It's not bad, but I think you could probably refine it. I feel like you have too many commas in there that it creates an awkward read overall.
    If you don't want me VMing you on this, let me know - but a new chapter of "Pokemon White" is up! Feel free to check it out when you have the time.
    Thanks for the review again! =) I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    It depends if he/she leaves some evidence behind, and, like you said, someone saw her around the murdered body and reported him/her to the police. Though, yeah, it depends how you work it, but I think the police would be involved sooner or later. Actually, when I read your first paragraph, I immediately thought of your character being framed for something, whether it's the murder or something else. I do like your second idea; the murdered girl does sound like she was in some fishy business before she died.

    I don't mind helping you out. It's fun to expand on ideas. =3 How do you want this character to be portrayed anyone? If he/she is stealing pokemon off of dead people, he/she probably isn't a character that likes to cuddle bunnies (though that could be an interesting quirk).
    Posted it earlier if you haven't noticed. =P

    Well, one of the first ideas that came to mind, in terms of a plot overview, was if someone would be going after your main character, not just because he/she essentially took pokemon and someone else's identity to an extent, but because maybe they think he/she is tied to the murder. But that's kind of bare bones basic and kind of the first thing that comes to mind. I'm sure you can think of something better. (Plus you can still fall in a plot hole; is it right for your character to get caught? And if he/she does get caught, then what? Kind of depressing and lackluster in some ways.) If you keep it a basic journey fic, then the entire idea of stealing a murder girl's pokemon kind of falls flat (and you wouldn't be using it to its potential).

    The pokemon part sounds good, though. Should be interesting to write the interactions between them and your main character.
    Finished last night. ^^ Gonna proofread it one more time before posting.

    I like the idea, but what are you going to do with it? Ending wise, I mean. There's an issue with the pokemon, too. I think they would recognize that this girl (or guy) isn't the original trainer. Would they obey him/her anyway? So you still got some kinks to work out, but I do like the premise.
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