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Jan 27, 2019
Aug 25, 2004
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Aug 7, 1991 (Age: 28)
College Student, L337 463N7

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Jan 27, 2019
    1. *Jean Grey*
      *Jean Grey*
      Daciana is not a Beastman, hehe. XD She's just supposed to be messy-haired Romanian, so ended up being from Morgal, as the closest equivalent, since there's no Romania/Transylvania counterpart in Golden Sun. XD
    2. Kamotz
      In terms of the events, I'm currently only really counting the GBA games. In terms of timeframe, the events of Dark Dawn either haven't happened yet, or are happening as we go about the story. I may, at some point, decide to say "AND LOOK WHAT JUST HAPPENED ALL THE WAY OVER THERE!!!"

      But that'll be decided later. As for your questions:

      1. Weapons: I suppose stuff like daggers and spears are fine.
      2. Animals: any sort of real-world animal is fine, within reason (my character, Gerard, has a lion). It'll be hard for us to go around doing things with an elephant in tow.
      3. Age: 18+ is preferable. I look at the League as essentially a type of boarding school with all sorts of age ranges, but you don't exactly get jobs with the school until you've graduated higher levels. Age would denote experience and power.
    3. Kiruria
      Actually, you can disregard my PM, since the appearance of Shadow Garret changes everything.
    4. Wordy
      The bastardboss is making me check up on everyone to make sure they're still good for BOSS. He's finally updated, lol. Well, for everyone except the Tower/City Hall people but you're not one of them so not to worry. There's finally some traction, maybe.

      Ugh, I feel like his catspaw.

      (yes, I realise I'm copying and pasting this message for everyone but gimme a break, it's Monday tomorrow and I'm sad and I hate doing his dirty work)
    5. Black War Dragon
      Black War Dragon
      Hey well thanks for considering it!

      Yeah, for sure. I'd really like to read it when and if you get the chance. Best of luck finishing school, man.

    6. GoldenHouou
      Woah, hey, thanks man! I'm glad to hear that. I'll probably use it as a reference too tbh, since no matter how many times I've read an SU, I always forget appearance details. Like Sig's glasses, ngh. And I'm too lazy to check.

      I'm planning on making fullbody shots at some point too. I just fear drawing all the different clothes, because those aren't really my forte. Ah, if people could always just be floating heads...
    7. Zincspider
      Well, Steward, that is fine news! Lashings of ginger beer for you, sir! As many as you'd like!

      Would a C-Section be considered expulsion? None the less, thank you very much.
    8. Zincspider
      Be careful. When reading the posts of your GM, there are spoilers abound for games you want to play.
    9. TheSequelReturns
      Sorry for the late reply, this past week has been killer. We can move this to a PM if you want to co-write it or something, I cleaned out my inbox. :P

      Miyuki will be hesitant, but accommodating. She's going to be a bit timid about it until they both warm up, at which point she'll get rolling and get (perhaps overly) confident about her strength. She can take a lot, just not too much. :P
    10. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy
      Well, I was kind of holding off, seeing as how our group of four (Alyssa/Diego/Louise/Shin) has been the subject of four out of the last five groups. I'll probably post again this week regardless, but I feel like other groups might have a bit more to catch up on ATM.
      No kidding. Leo is pretty much the only one in his group who's active. :/

    11. *Jean Grey*
      *Jean Grey*
      Hey, are you going to post in Persona soon? XD TSR and GH are apparently back. XD
    12. DVB
      Hey, are we waiting on others for Persona. Also, how are you doing?
    13. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy

      He'll probably try to find Nodoka. As she's the only other person in the group he knows the name of. (Though he doesn't know her personally.) I have no idea how they're going to find the other two. (Though, Cesaire's likely to be with Nodoka...)
    14. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy
      So, should I just end my post with Leo answering his phone, or should I also include some type of response?
    15. Zincspider
      Lion King, Mulan, Tangled... probably others, but I remember these right now.

      Hey, it's Zinclantis. Get it right or I'll demote you.
    16. Zincspider
      It does, but people often see 'Poochy' and forget the rest of the name. Because they aren't smart. Like what I is am. duurrrrrrrrrrr....
      Yeah, but the Lion King is still an awesome movie. I'm not a hyena so it doesn't bother me as much.

      Thanks. Friday-Sunday, I won't be online, so someone has to look over the tread. Wordy's a maniac, TSR's never here, so it's up to you to keep the peace.
    17. Zincspider
    18. DVB
      Hmm yeah? He wouldnt be falling asleep and rambling on about wht happened and such. Diego will also be giving her more sheep things out of appreciation and friendship
    19. DVB
      How would Louise react to Diego calling her early? Diego is somewhat insomniatic. Hope you are doing well
    20. DVB
      Yeah, but ten again, we will have to see. Because Diego will invite her to hang around and such. I mean, we don;t know how things will ago.
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    Aug 7, 1991 (Age: 28)
    College Student, L337 463N7
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