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  • Looking back, I am wondering something kinda funny. Diego currently as 3 potential romantic interests in Louise, Krystal and Alyssa. How will Louise and Diego's relationship would be? I imagine Diego would have been happy from the hug and her from the gift and there will be friendship but what else. Hope you are doing well
    She's honestly the most competent character I have in the game.

    I like the story. I feel all warm and fuzzy seeing the characters again in a new story.
    I play as Kanji. It's fuggin' rad.
    *Random thought that caught me during my daily perusing of the forum.*

    I noticed that you're using Jeanne d'Arc as a Persona.

    Neil Gaiman has much to say on that subject.
    Yeah, though Merlin will tyr and hook DIego up with some of the girls and Diego will be embrassed. Not because Merlin does a bad job, because he doesn't, but he isjust a bit awkward like that and Merlin is a bit blunt sometimes
    Well, maybe she hasn't told him that yet. Their interaction will be interesting, seeing Merlin and Jeanne D'Arc fight together
    Hm, yeah, makes sense. Well Misty Springs is the sort of tired boring place where nothing ever happens so it's not that dangerous XD. Not until you start following butterflies in your dreams anyway. But yeah, that sounds good. I may have my other character be out of town if I do them at all.

    I'm deliberately avoiding carrying over characters from other stuff so yeah. I didn't notice XD. Haven't really looked at the other Persona RPG much.

    Well, in terms of metaphysics it makes sense, so that does work in a manner. As for our evolved ones, this story is much more compact than the other one, but our evolved Personae will still come fairly late in. On my end still debating Mordred names, there's Mordred Kai (which is the generic upgraded Persona name style but is bland). Was thinking Mordred Salvation, but that's a misnomer really. Evolved Mordred is more about creation through destruction, and calamity sometimes being necessary. Gonna have to look up words. Meh, I have plenty of time.
    Well, on my end Alistair's lived in Misty Springs his whole life. And nothing ever happens there, so it's kind of like Inaba, just in America. Which is partly why it resonates with Avalon to a degree which allows the Velvet Room Residents/Philemon (he won't show up in person, but see a blue butterfly in this? That means he's watching over us) to bring us to Avalon through our dreams.

    Yeah. It's like having two copies of a file saved on your computer, one updated with new stuff the other hasn't got. They're independent of one another and though they share an origin, they're different. It's the same deal with beings who reside on Avalon as opposed to Personae.

    I'm still dithering over Alistair's evolved Persona. Mordred is there because of story thematics which make him fit well. So my only concept for an evolved Persona is Mordred but better. Kind of like Izanagi-no-Okami to Izanagi, or Orpheus Telos to Orpheus. It's kind of appropriate in that Mordred base embodies the Tower Arcana, a calamity and disaster, a terrible thing. What his evolved form would represent is the other side to that, a necessary calamity which leads into good. The view that you have to suffer disaster and pain in order to truly advance. There's this massive conflict of ideals within Fallen Paradise which ties into the antagonists as much as the heroes.
    In terms of timing, a few months after Persona 4. About July/August 2012. I don't honestly expect too many tie-ins to the Persona games because Fallen Paradise is in America, so the only real connection is the Velvet Room (that said, the 'darkness' is basically Nyarlathotep from Persona 1/2). Alternatively if you mean real-world history, that's fine.

    With regards to Avalon, even though Jeanne D'Arc is renowned even today as a heroine and so would likely rest within Avalon, you're free to use her as a Persona. A figure existing on Avalon doesn't mean you can't use them as a Persona, the two are mutually exclusive in that those residing in Avalon are essentially embodiments of the myth mankind believes in, while a Persona is a reflection of a single person's soul incarnated into the form of a mythical being. Even then, there are differences between the 'heroes' and a Persona, which I'll follow up on depending on certain elements of the plot. So to answer that, you can use Jeanne D'Arc, or any other mythical figure as a Persona. You could even use King Arthur himself, for that matter. Personae are unconnected to the beings on Avalon.
    Zekrom was Black and blue. 8I
    Only his eyes were red. Zoroark (or however you spell it) is black and red though, and needs to die in a fire, so I'll settle for him as an attempt at being too cool.
    Reshiram also has a ferocious crotch. Just look at that thing. It's like he's going to violate all others (save for Beartic, who has an equally ferocious crotch.)
    Shiara was never in the crystal and never actually fought Ciara. She simply disappeared after Liza snuck up on her with Yuki-Onna.
    Just letting ya know.
    He actually had no idea about it. He was investigating in his free time as a way to live a little and do some good. He's definately going to have some questions for Wulfgard and JP on the morrow though.

    Hmm... I like it. I'll have to listen to more of them.

    I played it the day it came out then didn't pick it up again. It was fun, the art was great, and the play was smooth... but it was really short. Even though it's a fighting game, which aren't long in the story mode ever, it's still a download game. It doesn't take long to get tired of it, and the loading screens are frequent and long.
    I'd still recommend it, for the atmosphere the game gives, the fun dialogue and really unique characters.
    Huh. Well, its the same length as Gurren Lagann, which was cut into TWO 90 min movies fairly successfully. The only way I can see that they could do it is to massively cut down on TV World time, include only the barest facets of the social links who aren't key party members, and rush through the large plot details while cutting out most of the comedic downtime.

    Ironically, I just suggested BOSS: THE MOVIE as a possibility for Zinc's "something special".

    Yeah, good point. The P4 movie was only 90 mins? Dang, they had to have really cut it down.

    True. I guess the slow buildup of the game made it feel longer at the start.
    Apparently I am the nexus for Persona based info.

    That is completely awesome, that's for sharing that. Hopefully it will be something like a two-part (see the Gurren Lagann movies) or something of that nature. A straight up two hour film simply would not be enough time to handle all the important details unless they ran it on overdrive.
    *looks at TSR's VM board*
    Bliv, I've never had to tell another man this, but you just gave me a ****-on.
    I'm sorry I had to let you know this way.
    And then Sigmund and Izzy teamed up to pilot a mech. And it was awesome.

    What's that? Of course I'm not looking for excuses to spread certain song mashups around. Why would you think that?

    P.S. I was doodling the other day and totally drew Melpomene and Hua Po as a femme fatale and dragon lady respectively alongside Snow & Cinders. This kind of thing almost makes a better concept than it does an actual thing.
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