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  • ..... I've been looking though old RPG sign-ups that I was in and I realized that you were Oblivion0807 back then. I didn't even make that connection... Hehe sorry, it always surprises me when I realize that I actually knew someone before I thought I knew them.
    Very true. I mean, I'm coming up to the close of my first year of university, so I have a lot of studying to do. He definitely is. So his profile claims anyway. He does RP a fair few females though.

    Ooh, yummy. Can't beat a bit of jazz. Thanks for that!
    Hmm, true. Guess all I can do is just press on.

    I know, things are very quiet. But a good quiet. And I did a double take when I saw "she" there, Sequel's definitely a guy, just in case you didn't know.
    Yeah, I think I'm still kind of trying to pin down Joshua really, but thanks. Most of the humour I think arose from the situation, but it was just fun to write!

    We're waiting for TSR to post before Zinc can, right?
    So, I'm rereading Overpowering Past, and I have to say, easily one of my favourite scenes is Sigmund making tea. Absolutely fantastic.
    Hmmm... I didn't notice any shoutouts on my own innyour post, so you should be good.
    What were they, to be clear?
    Alright, I've hit a snag.
    I'm not sure how to handle the idea for Sig's shadow.
    I'm trying to come up with the concepts for as many as possible, and he has me stumped.
    Do you have any suggestions?
    Hey, hope you don't mind me asking this: I saw you asked my Rotom to translate something for you in that ball RP? I haven't quite caught up with reading everyone's posts but I did notice that. Was there something in specific that you wanted the note to say?
    Hm, I say meet at the gate - we can get used to our characters interacting that way. :>
    Just letting you know I ended up switching my character. :> Also, to arrive together or to meet there? Hmhm.
    XD But of course!

    New characters sounds great to me - it's time for me to try something fresh anyway. I think we can just stick with trainers, unless we want to try Pokemorphs or something. (I'd have said Pokemon, but I feel like they'd just get lost in the crowd, haha.)
    Wonderful~ I'm happy with changing it up or going back to basics, I honestly can't decide which I'd prefer. I'm down with whatever you prefer. :>
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