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  • Yeah, I'm going to limit it to seven Master-Servant and two or three regular civilians who may or may not be directly involved. Now I just need to work on a plot or at least find a way to stretch out the basic premise to fit the rules. :p
    I realize that's not much but if you're willing to help me come up with something/make sure I have everything right (I'm assuming you're a longtime fan since I'm new to the fandom myself), I'd be grateful.
    Well the Holy Grail Wars end with the fifth, right? Well I was thinking of having the roleplay be an AU of either the 4th or the 5th Holy Grail War. Haven't yet worked out the specifics though as I've been trying to figure out how Masters and Servant should work. Like should we have separate sign-ups for the two and let those in the roleplay pair up, have only seven roleplayers with two characters (Master and Servant) or a combination of the two. I'm leaning more towards a the second option though.
    Hey, saw your post in the RPG idea thread. Was wondering if you would/wanted to help out with a Fate/Zero or Fate/Stay Night style roleplay. I've been juggling the idea in my head for awhile now but I'm still trying to earn out the idea and since you seemed to be interested, I thought I should ask.
    Well, the way I saw Sig, he was 'The Mario'. He's well rounded, being able to do pretty much anything, but not excelling too much in any one stat. So, all of his stats are a bit above average.
    But if you saw him different, let me know.
    Thanks for the compliments.

    Aw, I'd like to have you in the RP, but I know all too well how easy it is to get overworked on here. If you get a hold of some free time, feel free to drop by.
    I was thinking Ilios would try to entertain him by letting him spar with one of his summons, though that might damage the airship <.<
    Did Ilios' rant scare you? xD
    You can just tell him to **** off if you dont wanna get all technical ;D
    Either way works. Dusty would agree to the airship if only to get things done faster, so you can have Cid lead the group to the airship hanger if you like.
    I try for TV show you know? I want to be a director when I'm older.
    Got polish my skills if I don't want to end up as the gopher all my life though.
    Cool ^^

    And I love it that there is a moogle engineer in the same team as my Ilios. Be ready for your cahracter to be constantly poked with questions and sugestions of using magical means to improve mechanical performance, particularly on airships.
    I swear to God that the D'Vron part of my character is not copying yours xD I didn't even notice your character's name when I made mine. Sorry if you thought I was plagiarizing :X
    I hope you end up joining Heroes! Your SU was looking really nice from what I got to see.
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